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   Chapter 1567 Getting Out Of The Wild Herb Valley

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Everyone in the square was eagerly waiting. All of them would glance at the entrance of the Wild Herb Valley from time to time.

All the disciples who joined the task would go out today so everyone's eyes were fixed on that passage.

"I'm wondering if our disciples had an abundant harvest. But I guess they got more than we did last time," said a golden-haired man who was about thirty-five years old. He was wearing a stern look on his face.

He had just gotten off a luxurious coach. As he was levitating in mid-air, his body was emitting golden lights.

This man was from the Vasteras Holy Land.

"Ha-ha! Sebastia, we are the three holy lands. Do you still doubt the capabilities of our disciples? I'm sure they will bring us good harvests," said a man in a white robe who was from the Arcane Holy Land.

"Before our disciples entered the valley, Lance told me that he had a deal with the two leaders of your sect. They've agreed to work together to occupy the depth of the valley and forbid anyone from other sects to enter. That area abounds with rare herbs."

The man in a white robe seemed to be very confident.

"I strongly believe that our disciples are the winners in this task," said the man with a wide grin on his face.

He was surrounded by bright lights. His cold and sharp eyes made him look very harsh.

"Ha-ha! Those brats came up with that idea? I like them," said another man who also joined them.

"They are resourceful and courageous."

This tall man was from the Rudimentary Holy Land. He was a big guy with bushy eyebrows and ferocious eyes.

The three men were talking above the platform. Hence, the stewards and the elders from other sects who were also waiting on the platform heard everything they said.

Upon hearing this, their faces darkened all of a sudden. None of them thought that the disciples of the three holy lands would do such things.

They all knew that the innermost part of the Wild Herb Valley teemed with high-grade rare herbs.

It was a bad news for them that the disciples of the three holy lands had joined forces to occupy this part of the valley.

'Damn it! That is so low. The people

atform together with the over fifty disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin was also with them.

"We're back, Elder Damian," greeted Rahul excitedly.

"I'm so glad to see you back, Rahul," Elder Damian responded with a big smile on his face.

After greeting Rahul, Elder Damian then started to count noses.

After which, his eyes lit up with sheer surprise. "We sent fifty-seven disciples into the valley and fifty-five of them survived!"

Elder Damian was overcome with thrill. Was he only dreaming?

He was fully aware that picking herbs in the Wild Herb Valley was a very risky task. People were willing to kill each other for the rare herbs.

But only two disciples of the Flame Holy Land had died in the valley. It was such a big achievement for their sect. No wonder Elder Damian was overjoyed.

"Ha-ha! How did everything go in the valley? How many herbs have you collected?"

Elder Damian bombarded Rahul with questions after he was able to calm down.

"Elder Damian, let's get out of here quickly. I'll tell you everything when we get back," said Rahul to the elder through his spiritual sense.

"The sooner we get out of here, the better."

"Oh?" Elder Damian gave Rahul a confused look. He was quite surprised of Rahul's actions.

But he was also sure that Rahul was serious.

'I know Rahul very well. He is a reliable and considerate boy. He must have a good reason for this, ' Elder Damian thought.

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