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   Chapter 1566 The Ending Of The Trial

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Even after the gruesome battle, Austin and his fellows weren't about to stop just yet. Their next target was the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Austin had a satisfied and excited look in his face as he surveyed the distance where disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land were.

His fellows, along with Stacy and Rahul, were equally thrilled.

Even when they were up against disciples of the three powerful holy lands who participated in the Wild Herb Valley trial, they were making history on the battlefield.

'Too bad for these disciples... their days are numbered, ' he thought about them with shameless mockery.

Elders of the three holy lands would be out of their wits when they found out that their disciples had been wiped out.

'Stroke of ill luck, eh? How would they recover?' he sneered in his mind.

It wouldn't take long before it reached the East Mainland – and what a big event that would be!

Enough battle at that moment, though; they stayed right where they were for half a day to rest and recharge.

Afterward, Austin transported all of them to the City model. Using his bodily movement skill, he headed to the area where the Rudimentary Holy Land disciples were located.

In the beginning, the total number of disciples from the Rudimentary Holy Land was over three hundred, statistically similar to the Arcane Holy Land and the Vasteras Holy Land.

That number diminished soon enough as the fifty to sixty disciples sent to trace Austin and Stacy's whereabouts had been killed.

Thus, the number of disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land had shrunk into just about two hundred.

Still as sharp as during the previous battles, Austin had effortlessly tracked down the disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land. They were scattered around the area in the rolling mountains, with each group constituted of dozens.

With small yet ferocious attacks, he executed the killing job quickly.

Austin moved like the wind, strong yet undetectable in its origin.

About an hour later, someone arrived at the crime scene.

"What monstrosity is this? What evil killed so many disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land?

Go and search for the murderers! Tear them into pieces! Now!"

A voice which seemed to have come from a horrific beast roared across the area

The voice came from a sturdy young man in black.

He was the leading disciple of the Rudimentary Holy Land, and he was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

The remaining disciples of

ays later, the one-month trial in the Wild Herb Valley was coming to an end.

They reached the last stretch of the trial.

Disciples from various sects rushed to the outer area as fast as they could, because the exit of the Wild Herb Valley would be closed when the time was up.

If they failed to leave the Wild Herb Valley before the closing, they would be trapped there. The gate wouldn't open again until after thirty years.

Of course, nobody was willing to stay stuck in the Wild Herb Valley for thirty years.

So, on the last day, all people in the Wild Herb Valley hurried to the exit in all directions.

Outside the exit of the Wild Herb Valley and above the platform, stewards and elders from different sects patiently and excitedly waited for their disciples that participated in the trial.

These disciples that were about to come out of the Wild Herb valley would bring with them valuable herbs and medicinal materials.

So, for their safety, each sect had sent their master-hand to pick up the disciples participating in the trial.

In the air above the platform, a giant dragon-shaped warship was floating. It was right around the place where the Arcane Holy Land was located.

In the area where the Rudimentary Holy Land was situated, dozens of ancient chariots were parked, surrounded by rosy clouds.

A dazzling carriage pulled by hordes of monstrous beasts, meanwhile, could be seen right where the Vasteras Holy Land once was.

And at the corner of the platform, an old man in a black garment stood with an unfathomable aloofness.

He was Damian, the elder of the Flame Holy Land, waiting for his disciples.

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