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   Chapter 1565 Wipe Out Two Holy Land Disciples In The Valley

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"You're a bunch of cold-blooded monsters. You murdered over two hundred disciples of ours."

Lance stared at Austin and Stacy, quivering slightly. The disciples of the Arcane Holy Land had always felt very proud of themselves. Wherever they went, people had always treated them with utmost respect. But now, his companions were mercilessly slaughtered. He was not able to digest this fact.

"You'll pay for this. We'll not let you go..."

Lance uttered through his gritted teeth, his eyes blood-thirsty.

"Ha-ha. You are a dead man! Still, you dare to threaten us with your bullshit? Do you really think you from the three holy lands are superior to everyone else?

How ridiculous!

We'll send you to your Creator!" Austin said defiantly, gesturing at his comrades to stand by his side to fight.

He didn't want to waste any more time talking to him.

A fierce fight was about to begin.

"I'll kill all of you," Lance roared, letting anger get the better of him.

He took a step forward and purple vital energy burst out from his body. It formed a fog around him.

Nine purple dragons showed up in the purple mist.

Growling, they soared into the sky.

Meanwhile, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Austin was shocked at the sight of this.

'Lance is a formidable opponent. I'm no match for him, ' he sighed.

Austin had the ability to put down any cultivator who had reached the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm effortlessly.

If his opponent was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm, he might be able to take him out using the Spiritual Pot.

If he confronted a cultivator who was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm, he would only be able to defend himself by using the Spiritual Pot to attack his Soul Sea.

Stacy let out a cold snort.

A Buddha statue appeared above her head, and chanted. It made the sound waves which came at Lance.

In the past, Stacy might be no match for Lance.

But she was much stronger than before after taking the vital energy shower on the Breakthrough Platform. She was one step away from entering the Bitter Sea Realm.

On top of that, the martial skill she was exhibiting was incredibly powerful. The power she exerted out could be on par with the Purple Energy Supernatural Skill Ladd was displaying.

Hence, she could handle Lance without any difficulty at all.

"Go to hell!"

Rahul waved his silver trident at one Arcane Holy Land disciple who was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm. The latter was forced to step back. With just a few seconds passing by, Rahul stabbed his opponent through his chest.

About fifteen minutes later, the fight almost came to an end.

All the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land in the

the bronzy blade aura carried an unbeatable power. Austin was scared at the sight of it.

All of a sudden, the blade aura dyed the whole space bronzy. Austin and his companions felt creepy by this scene.

'Trey is indeed an excellent blade cultivator, ' they thought.

"Kill them!"

More than four hundred cultivators from the Flame Holy Land and the Deep Sea Commercial House dashed towards the forty disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land.

Austin released his demonic avatar so that it could also join the fight.

Over four hundred people fought against the forty people. It meant almost every ten cultivators from the Flame Holy Land and the Deep Sea Commercial House assaulted one disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land.

There was no doubt the members of the Vasteras Holy Land were at the verge of death. They couldn't even defend themselves.

Fifteen minutes later, all the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land died except for Trey.

Trey was still fighting against Stacy and Rahul.

Austin stood aside, watching them fight. 'Trey is really a strong opponent. He is way too powerful.

He is tied with Stacy and Rahul, ' he remarked in awe.

"Oh shit, we need to finish him really quick.

All the Emperor Realm cultivators! Join Stacy and Rahul to fight against Trey,"

Austin said loudly.

Over fifty cultivators of the Emperor Realm joined the battle immediately.

They used their best martial skills to attack Trey Kong.

"I don't want to die this way," Trey Kong said through his gritted teeth.

Even though he was tremendously strong, there was no way he could withstand attacks of over fifty Emperor Realm masters.

After barely warding off several blows, he turned into a bloody mist.

By then, all the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land in the valley were dead.

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