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   Chapter 1564 You Did All This

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Rahul mightily waved his silver halberd towards the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land. Countless halberd shadows with terrifying power appeared and hit them all.

The people of the Flame Holy Land and the Deep Sea Commercial House had already gotten used to tense battles.

They went all out and fiercely charged at their enemies.

Their force was unwavering as they fought without hesitation.

Fifteen minutes later, the fight was over.

The team comprised of over eighty Arcane Holy Land disciples had all been wiped out.

"Collect the spoils quickly!

I guess the other disciples of the Arcane Holy Land will be here soon.

We need to hide and take a rest first,"

Austin instructed the others.

They had been into two fierce fights that worn them out. They badly needed some rest.

His companions followed him without complaint when they had realized how tired they had been after the fight. Moments later, they had gathered all the valuable items in the field.

Austin sent himself and his comrades into the City Model once more to hide and replenish their energies.

He, Stacy, and Rahul gathered on a street in the model.

They took out over one thousand Space Rings which they had gotten in the past few days of fighting.

These belonged to the people they had been fighting with. It meant they had slaughtered more than a thousand people already. There was no doubt that they had gained a great deal out these past few days.

Soon they took out all the treasures that were contained by the rings and piled them up on the ground.

There were numerous herbs, precious natural resources, pills, and magic treasures in several heaps.

After their discussion, the three of them reached an agreement.

All the pills and magic treasures would be distributed to over four hundred cultivators evenly.

As for the herbs and precious natural resources, half of them would be distributed to the Flame Holy Land disciples while the other half would go to the members of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

However, Austin still had not told Stacy that he was a disciple of the Flame Holy Land. Instead, he continued to pretend that they were from the Shiny Sect of the Dawning Kingdom.

He did this to protect the Flame Holy Land. At present, the three holy lands together with many top sects and second-class sects were hostile to the Flame Holy Land. If he told her truth, he was afraid that he might put all of them in danger.

Austin had no other choice but to lie to Stacy.

Stacy, on the other hand, already had her doubts about Austin and his companions' identities.

After all, it w

forgotten about that. He knew that this was a good chance to get even with Lance.

When all the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land had left, Austin went out of the City model. He followed a group of the Arcane Holy Land disciples secretly.

After a while, Austin had finally caught up with them. The team was comprised of fifteen members. Four of them were at the Emperor Realm.

"You're doomed, you assholes," Austin shouted loudly.

He appeared in front of them in a blink. Then, he hurriedly transported over four hundred people out of the City model. They dashed towards the fifteen disciples of the Arcane Holy Land simultaneously.

They launched a surprise attack and outnumbered the enemy. Austin and his comrades had no difficulty in handling them because of the difference between the strength of their forces.

Only a few seconds had passed, and the battle was already over. The fifteen members of the Arcane Holy Land had all been killed.

Austin transported his team members back into the City model again before he went to chase another group of Arcane Holy Land disciples.

The members of the Arcane Holy Land searched for the murderers all over the area, while Austin stalked them and destroyed them one by one.

Fifteen minutes later, Austin stopped in front of Ladd and his companions with his comrades behind him.

"You did all this! You murdered our people,"

Lance accused, looking sharply at Austin.

There were about thirty disciples of the Arcane Holy Land left in the valley.

Counting Lance among them, there were eight Emperor Realm masters in the members of the Arcane Holy Land.

More than four hundred cultivators of the Deep Sea Commercial House and Flame Holy Land surrounded Lance's forces.

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