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   Chapter 1563 Ambushing Arcane Holy Land Disciples

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The depth of the valley occupied a vast area with a myriad of majestic mountains, gigantic trees and an array of rare, colorful flowers.

A group of fifty people marched towards the remote mountain.

Along the path were a display of strange looking plants, and they chanced upon several rare herbs.

They were the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land.

There was a speck of dust on a slope a few meters from them.

It was Austin's City model.

Austin came to this place secretly two hours ago. He transported himself in his City model and waited for his prey.

He continued to keep an eye on the approaching disciples of the Arcane Holy Land with the use his spiritual sense as he worked out a plan against them.

He noticed that the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land was divided into several groups, and they continued to search for herbs in the surrounding area.

Disciples of the three holy lands were gathered in the depth of the forbidden valley. People from the top or second-class sects had joined them.

The aggressive members of the three holy lands occupied important areas in the valley and refused other people to enter their places.

In the City model, Austin was focused on checking the cultivation bases of the disciples from the Arcane Holy Land using his spiritual sense.

"There are about sixty-four members of the Arcane Holy Land.

Sixteen are the Emperor Realm cultivators; three at the premium stage, five at the medium stage and eight at the preliminary stage.

I think we can handle them,"

Austin said to Stacy and Rahul.

Stacy and Rahul nodded their heads in agreement. They were prepared to launch an assault and were just waiting for Austin's go signal.

Soon, the sixty-four disciples of the Arcane Holy Land arrived at the hillside where Austin and his companions were hiding.

Austin transported himself out of the City model, and instantly he was at the slope. He stood there with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

As he activated the Diabolic Flashing Skill, he reached his targets in an instant.

"Who are you?"

one member of the Arcane Holy Land asked sternly, as he narrowed his eyes at Austin.

"I am here to rob you!" Austin replied in a loud voice.

He stomped his feet on the ground with all his physical power, sending himself to a disciple whose cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm like a cannonball.

"Damn it! A brat from the Semi-holy Realm dared to challenge me? I will crush you!" The Emperor Realm cultivator of the preliminary stage shouted and cursed at Austin.

He stretched out his hand, and a tremendous vital energy appeared in his palm. It rotated and

s of the Arcane Holy Land were forced to defend themselves. They had no idea what they got themselves into.

Stacy was in front of the people of Deep Sea Commercial House and the Flame Holy Land.

Because of some rules in the Wild Herb Valley, she failed to enter the Bitter Sea Realm even though she took the vital energy shower on the Breakthrough Platform.

Despite that, the quality of her vital energy had greatly improved. The quality of her vital energy was better than any other cultivators of her level.

A shadow of a Buddha statue hovered above her head and gave off blue streaks of light. It rotated into the air and released huge blue palms. They darted at one of the Arcane Holy Land disciples who was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

The Emperor Realm master of the premium stage tried his best to defend himself, but soon realized that his opponent was stronger than him. Out of fear, he stepped back and tried to escape. However, he was hit several times within a few seconds and he was coughing out blood. His face paled as blood started coming out of every hole in his body.

After a dozen more blows, he spat out blood one last time and breathed his last.

Meanwhile, Austin chose to target an Arcane Holy Land disciple who was at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm.

He released the Spiritual Pot, and under his control, it broke into the disciple's Soul Sea and attacked his spiritual soul.

Startled, the Emperor Realm master of the preliminary stage gathered the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea to fend off the Spiritual Pot.

Focused on fighting the Spiritual Pot, he was unaware of Austin's next move. Austin flexed his right arm and punched him in the head. Cracks started to form on his skull and later on it shattered into pieces.

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