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   Chapter 1562 Rob Them

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In the City model.

Austin observed what was going on outside through his spiritual sense.

He had placed the City model close to the spot where they had wiped out the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land. He wanted to be able to keep an eye on his enemies.

He watched as a dozen people came to the area and stood in a circle. One of them, who was dressed in more expensive clothing and was larger, gave orders in a booming voice.

Then, one at time, they departed in different directions. They marched over the land, turned around, and came back again. This went on for several minutes.

By the stern looks on their faces and the way that they kept pausing and checking over their shoulders, it was evident that they were looking for Austin and Stacy. They looked everywhere but didn't find any sign of them. Frustrated and angry, they left the place. Later on, more than ten teams had come here to search for Austin and Stacy.

Austin recognized that some of them were from the three holy lands, and the rest were disciples from the first-, second- and third-class sects.

Austin targeted one of the groups which was looking for him and Stacy.

They were from a second-class sect that originated from the East Mainland called the Scorching Blade Sect. Austin counted nearly one hundred of them.

Among that hundred, he discovered ten Emperor Realm masters.

'Screw this! These losers have the nerve to be robbing Miss Ren and me? All right. You'll be our next target, ' Austin thought.

He then turned to face Stacy and Rahul.

They looked at him with concern etched in their expressions. He took a deep breath and tried to explain, as clearly as he could, what he had seen.

After several discussions, they reached an agreement that they would target the disciples of the Scorching Blade Sect and kill them.

Austin waited until everyone had departed.

When he was positive that the coast was clear, Austin transported himself outside.

Wind whipped through his hair as he positioned himself and turned on the spot, using the Diabolic Flashing Skill to pursue the members of the Scorching Blade Sect.

He flew through the air, keeping his eyes peeled for a large group of people.

Within moments, he had located them using his spiritual sense. It was actually easy considering there were over a hundred of them.

An eager smile spread on his face. There was no one else nearby.

'I think this is the best chance we will get, ' Austin thought, hovering over them.

With excitement bubbling in his veins, he performed the Diabolic Flashing Skill once again. He landed on the ground this time and in front of him, a few meters away, were his targets.

They appeared threatening. As expected, since they were disciples of the Scorching Blade Sect, so most of them specialized in blade skills.

Austin could pick out a few of them that were carrying a saber on their back. For a moment, he thought it made them look cool but then he remembered the task at hand.

Austin, she appeared completely satisfied at the fact.

He didn't blame her. All she cared about was keeping her treasures safe. Austin wanted revenge and he didn't feel he had gotten it yet.

"Miss Ren, I want to propose another idea.

Those sects sent their men to look for us because they wanted to steal our things.

Now that they've tried to rob us, we don't need to respect them.

How about we go after them and kill them also?

As far as I observe, the disciples from different sects are collecting herbs in certain areas.

We can track down the head disciples of those sects and kill them one by one. We have the man power, once they are rested up, of course,"

Austin proposed, looking Stacy in the eye.

Stacy appeared not only shocked but also unsure of Austin's suggestion.

'The disciples who were searching for us are from a dozen different sects.

They were from the three holy lands and six of the top sects--some were even from second-class sects and third-class sects.

Does Austin really believe that we can find a chance to kill all the members of these sects in the valley?' she pondered.

"What do you think, Miss Ren?

They wanted to steal our treasures, so now we do the same to them.

An eye for an eye.

Besides, this is the easiest way to get herbs. It saves us time,"

Austin persuaded.

When she didn't answer, he met eyes with Rahul, who had been listening, and gestured for him to join them.

"Yeah, you're right. They started this. We'll just follow their example,"

Stacy agreed after sighing deeply.

"Austin, you have a good point. We can get more herbs if we rob other people," Rahul added, following them.

After a while, Stacy and Rahul nodded in agreement.

They had something in common: they were not conservative people; they handled matters in a decisive manner.

"Well, that's settled. We'll focus on robbing the sects that wanted us dead," Austin concluded. He had a hard time containing his excitement.

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