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   Chapter 1561 A Surprise Attack

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Half of the day had already passed, yet they remained alert.

Austin gave off his spiritual sense from inside the City model from time to time to scan their surroundings.

Being the owner of the City model, his spiritual sense wouldn't be blocked so he feel what was happening outside it.

"Someone is coming!"

Austin said to Stacy in a low voice. His expression changed into a dark one.

A crowd of cultivators appeared near the peak where Austin and Stacy were hiding themselves. The cultivators were scouting the peak and all of them gave off their spiritual sense to search the area carefully.

The group of cultivators was comprised of about fifty or sixty people.

"Damned! The middle part of the Wild Herb Valley is a really large area. How can we find those two cultivators? It is as difficult as to look for a needle in a haystack!

That little bastard and Stacy can randomly find a small place to hid and that will take us a long time to find them,"

one of them said while complaining.

"Stop saying that. It's Lance who asked us to do this. Do you dare to not listen to him?

Being an outer disciple of our Arcane Holy Land, you can never offend Lance. Once you did, you could no longer stay in our sect anymore!"

another voice said as if it was trying to calm the first one.

From where he was hiding, Austin could hear their conversation clearly.

They were actually the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land with a strict order to find and capture them!

Austin observed by his spiritual sense further. He found out that among the small group of disciples of the Arcane Holy Land, there were about twenty cultivators at the Emperor Realm.

The ratio at the Emperor Realm was high among the disciples of the three holy lands.

Among the disciples of other second-class or third-class sects, there were only ten or twenty cultivators at the Emperor Realm out of two or three hundred ones.

However, the case in the three holy lands was totally different. Among the group of about sixty disciples, there were twenty ones in the Emperor Realm.

Austin told what he had heard to Stacy and Rahul and asked them for suggestions.

"We can defeat the twenty cultivators at the Emperor Realm, even though they are from the Arcane Holy Land,"

Stacy said after she analyzed the situation.

Rahul nodded his head and agreed with her.

"All right then. Let's start our plan!"

Austin didn't hesitate anymore. Using his mind control, he transferred out of the City model.

He appeared on the peak and rushed towards the gathered disciples that were looking for them by teleportation.

In less than a breath, he suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Who are you? How dare you block our way?" one disciple of the Arcane Holy Land asked loudly.

The disciple had a disapproving look when he irritably asked why Austin stopped them. Each of the disciples of the three holy lands always believed that they were much better than others. That was why they were used to being this arrogant.

"Ha-ha! Aren't you looking for me? Now that I'm standing right here,

l soul, he had been defenseless for the attack of about seven vital energy. It fell on his body and smashed his body into pieces.

Austin controlled the pot using his mind once more to attack another disciple on the opponent's side who was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

The same thing happened as Austin distracted the disciple. The disciple let his guard down and was killed by the other members of the Flame Holy Land and the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Using this strategy, Austin helped others to fight by directing the opponent's focus to him instead.

In a short time, all the disciples at the Emperor Realm of the Arcane Holy Land were dead!

"Hurry! Take the useful stuff and leave! Don't stay here for long!"

Austin instructed them in a hurry.

They moved swiftly and followed his instructions. In an instant, all the trophies were found and taken. These included the Space Rings and all other magic treasures.

After that, Austin wasted no time and transferred Stacy and all the other members into his City model using his mind.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Meanwhile, some figures had appeared afar on the horizon.

Apparently, the fight had been noticed by others and many cultivators were coming to check what was happening there.

Austin used his bodily movement skills and moved the City model's location to another peak by teleportation.

When he had secured their location, he sent himself into the City model which once again transformed into a grain of sand and fell to the ground.

"What? There are more than sixty disciples of our Arcane Holy Land killed! Damn it! Who did this?

You will pay for this! I will kill you! How dare you kill the disciples of our land!

Search the area! Find the killers and cut them into pieces!"

A furious voice rang in the area where the battle happened a moment ago. The voice contained powerful rage and made the whole space shake and quiver.

Those newcomers were undoubtedly the other members of the Arcane Holy Land. They arranged a quest to avenge their fallen members.

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