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   Chapter 1560 A Trap

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"They have gone too far,"

Stacy snorted, arching her eyebrows in anger.

"My lady, they outnumber us. Besides, the disciples of the three holy lands are tough opponents.

They are relentless. Now that they are after you, you're in grave danger. So I advise you to hide from them and don't be reckless."

One of the Emperor Realm masters of the premium stage gave Stacy sincere advice.

'The disciples of the three holy lands, the first-class and the second-class sects are indeed difficult to handle.

And there are still ten days left more for the entrance of the Wild Herb Valley to get closed.

Does it mean Stacy and I will have to hide from them during the next ten days?'

Austin pondered as his face darkened with anxiety and worry.

He thought over about the current situation. It hardly took him a few seconds to come up with an idea.

"Miss Ren, now that they want to play the game, how about we play with them?" he said to Stacy through his spiritual sense.

'It seems like he's got a plan!'

Stacy thought to herself as she quietly rested her eyes on Austin, waiting for him to continue.

"Miss Ren, forty of your men are Emperor Realm masters, and there are fourteen cultivators of the Emperor Realm in my sect. So, we have more than fifty Emperor Realm masters on our side. I don't think we are weaker than any of the other forces here.

How about we join hands together? I can send all our other men into my magic treasure.

Instead of waiting for their attack, let us look for opportunities to ambush those people from the three holy lands, top sects and second-class sects one by one.

It is a fact that they are looking for us because they think we've got lots of treasures from the Secret Valley. Their intention and plan is to steal them.

They want to kill us so that they can rob us. So I think we don't need to show them any mercy. Let's steal their treasures instead,"

Austin went on, explaining his plan to her through his spiritual sense.

Stacy's eyes lit up after hearing Austin's plan. She had entered Austin's City model before and knew that even Emperor Realm masters couldn't detect it using their spiritual senses.

"That's a good idea! Let's teach them a lesson and let them know they have messed with the wrong person," Stacy agreed with a nod after thinking for a while.

Since her father was the owner of the Deep Sea Commer


They are as good as dead," he thundered, glancing at the bones and blood scattered around of those who were killed.

Soon, the news about Austin and Stacy appearing in the woods was spread in the Wild Herb Valley by the people of the Brook Sect.

Half a day later, the disciples of the three holy lands, first-class sects, second-class sects and even third-class sects took action.

Many of them headed towards the area where Austin and Stacy had showed up in a bid to search for them.

On the other hand, Austin and Stacy were safe as they were walking on a street of the City model.

The City model which had turned into a grain of dust was on the peak of the mountain which was at the middle area of the Wild Herb Valley.

They were having a serious discussion.

"Miss Ren, the news about our appearance will be spread soon.

I bet those disciples in-charge who are looking for us will send their men to launch a serious search in this area.

We will wait here for that to happen. Once we find an appropriate chance, we'll get out and kill them,"

Austin suggested to Stacy.

It was all a trap. Austin and Stacy had slaughtered the disciples of the Brook Sect and kept three alive. Their motive was to lure the disciples of other sects who planned to rob them.

Soon, the middle area of the Wild Herb Valley, and the places near the woods in particular were crowded with people.

Some of the people who came were from the three holy lands while the rest were from the first-class, second-class or even third-class sects. They were all looking for Austin and Stacy.

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