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   Chapter 1559 They Are Searching For You Two

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Right after Stacy finished her sentence, the shadow of the Buddha above her head started to give out the Brahma voice. It emitted a sound as powerful as a dangerous substance. Augustus' spiritual soul started to quiver as soon as he heard it.


Suddenly, the shadow of the Buddha stood up. It waved his hands and wrote runes in the air as it gave off cyan Brahma light. The statue of the Buddha sang some profound Buddhist scriptures continuously accompanied by his great energy. It rushed forward with hefty aura.


The demonic tiger Augustus of the Primordial Sect released moaned in pain. The poor creature tried to run away as it turned around but it was too late. Seconds later, it was broken into pieces.


The cyan Buddha used one huge palm and pressed from high sky towards Augustus. The former used a great amount of cyan light and powerful energy as if it could clenched the whole space into nothing.


Augustus was not able to avoid the attack and it resulted in his body flying away. He vomited blood short-after.

He was stunned and his face turned pale.

He was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm just like Stacy; however, the latter was much more powerful when they fought.

He felt this humiliated. With just one attack his face was now burnt.

"Retreat at once! Hurry!"

Augustus' gaze around the battlefield and dared not to go on fighting anymore.

At that time, only about sixty out of more than three hundred disciples were still alive.

Only nine disciples at the Emperor Realm were left alive. To make matters worse, they were currently surrounded by fourteen Emperor Realm disciples of the Flame Holy Land. It was clear that the current situation was not in their favor.

Augustus accepted their defeat at this stage. If they insisted to fight more, all disciples of the Primordial Sect would probably die.

He used his bodily movement skill to run away.

"Hump! Do you want to escape? Do you think it is so easy for you to run away?"

Stacy also used her bodily movement skill and followed Augustus.

Austin was certain that Stacy was powerful enough to defeat Augustus. He never worried about her at all.

"Now you want to run away? Ha ha! How can we let you go like this?"

Austin said as he followed other disciples of the Primordial Sect with his bodily movement skill.

All disciples of the Primordial Sect had been terrified. Moreover, their leader, Augustus, was nowhere to be found as he had already fled the scene. As a result, nobody wanted to fight again. They started to

s tongue out of surprise. He told himself that Rahul was really unexpected most of the time.

Together with more than fifty disciples of the Flame Holy Land they went and picked up the herbs.

Stacy stayed close to Austin the whole time.

Unbeknownst to anyone, she secretly contacted the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House through Contact Jade Slip, asking them to meet her here.

Soon after, men from Deep Sea Commercial House would show up to meet her.

One day later, they were moving forward through the mountain.

Suddenly, Stacy turned her head and looked somewhere.

Not long after, many figures appeared and flew over to their direction.

"Miss Stacy, we finally found you!"

those figures approached Stacy and shouted.

It turned out that these people were from the Deep Sea Commercial House.

"All right!"

Stacy nodded to them.

"Miss Stacy, I have some news about you and Austin Lin. I'm not sure whether you have heard it already or not,"

one cultivator from the premium stage of Emperor Realm said to her.

"Oh? What is it?"

Stacy asked surprisingly.

Austin was also curious.

"The people from three holy lands have given orders to look for you and Austin.

And some other sects from the first or second class were searching for you two secretly.

News about and Austin who came out alive from the Secret Valley was widespread already.

They are aware that you both have obtained numerous valuable treasures,"

the cultivator from the premium stage of Emperor Realm explained.

"It must be the few disciples from the Primordial Sect who have run away a few days ago! They are spreading the news!"

Austin said, as he tried to connect the dots.

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