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   Chapter 1558 Intense Battle

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'Oh yeah! It feels so great, ' Austin shouted excitedly in his head.

He took much delight in killing people using only his physical power.

'I prefer to handle my enemies with my physical strength because it enables me to take them out quickly. As long as I am close to them, I can take care of them with just one move.

It doesn't take me too long to end them.

But if I resort to martial skills, I might need to beat my opponents with several strikes.'

"Damn it, you asshole! You are a cold-blooded killer!

You murdered more of my companions!

I'm going to kill you!" Augustus growled furiously at him.

He found it hard to believe that a loser of the Semi-holy Realm had put down three Primordial Sect disciples whose cultivation bases were higher than his. The hunger to avenge his fallen comrades enraged him even more.

Completely losing control, he fiercely dashed towards Austin with a blood-thirsty look in his eyes.

He had reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm. Getting carried away, he released the terrifyingly powerful vital energy he was keeping at bay. Watching as Augustus made his way to him, Austin felt the whole space began shaking dramatically as if all the energies of nature were also charging at him.

'An Emperor Realm master of the premium stage is indeed powerful, '

Austin remarked in awe as he sensed the tremendous vital energy force Augustus released.

'Perhaps I can't defeat him with my physical strength, ' Austin speculated as he weighed the man's power.

With a snort, Stacy suddenly appeared in front of Austin.

As she stretched out her hand, an indigo palm formed by her vital energy materialized and came at Augustus.

Thousands of indigo palms made of vital energy appeared out of nowhere and gathered together. They gave off indigo lights while flying towards Augustus. At the same time, an indigo Buddha showed up above Stacy's head.

Upon seeing Stacy make a move, Augustus didn't dare to waste any time. He prepared for a counterattack.

A terrifying black tiger with antlers came out from his body. The scary beast growled and pounced at the palms formed by vital energy.

'Augustus refined the soul of a demonic beast which can match an Emperor Realm cultivator and used it to help him fight, ' Austin theorized as he watched the beast's movements.

Right then, Stacy and Augustus got engaged in a tense fight.

"Hey guys, let's teach these a

Swordsmanship and launched his attack.

Two of his enemies who were at the Holy Realm were cut tragically in half because of his vicious attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He threw punches wildly at his opponents. With each punch he took, accompanying sickening cracks of bones and desperate cries of pain were heard. The punches he released beat four Semi-emperor Realm cultivators to a pulp.

Austin focused on dealing with the Primordial Sect disciples who hadn't reached the Emperor Realm.

Since there were more Emperor Realm masters in the Flame Holy Land than that in the Primordial Sect, he left them alone for his comrades to take care of.

He believed that they could handle their enemies on their own.

Austin used his Diabolic Flashing Skill so that he could destroy more enemies at once.

Wherever he showed up, there would be piles of dead bodies and blood lying on the ground.

Fifteen minutes later, Austin wiped out over one hundred and fifty disciples of the Primordial Sect on his own.

"You son of a bitch, you're a demon!

You murdered so many of my companions. I swear I will avenge them," bellowed Augustus, who was in a fierce fight with Stacy.

Noticing that his companions had already fallen at Austin's hands, he went ballistic. His eyes fumed in rage as his face became red in anger. He wished that he could tear Austin into a million pieces.

"Humph! You should be more worried about yourself," Stacy said coldly.

Bathed in indigo light, she released the power of wood attribute. She mainly practiced the martial arts skills of wood attribute and had honed it very well.

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