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   Chapter 1557 I'm Not Joking

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Austin was with Stacy.

He flew towards where the disciples of the Flame Holy Land and the Primordial Sect were.

Stacy, without second thoughts, followed him.

Soon after, Austin appeared above the mountain and saw the two parties in a tense battle.

Yes, the disciples of the Flame Holy Land were incredibly powerful, but they were outnumbered by their enemy.

With a ratio of one disciple of the Flame Holy Land to five-six disciples of the Primordial Sect, it was impossible to win.

There were seventeen Emperor Realm masters in the members of the Primordial Sect, while there were fourteen Emperor Realm masters in the members of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin couldn't predict what would happen next.

Making use of their superior strength in numbers, the disciples of the Primordial Sect had divided into small teams to assault the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

Power vs numbers. Neither of the parties gained the upper hand.

Soon after, the over fifty disciples of the Flame Holy Land found themselves tired and the numbers of the enemies were still capable. It was difficult to deal with their opponents.

"Guys, don't be aggressive," Rahul said to his companions through his spiritual sense, in between battle. "We need to break the siege and retreat."

He knew that they were at a disadvantage with numbers. If they didn't find a better way out, they would surely lose the battle and numbers of them would be murdered.

The other disciples of the Flame Holy Land agreed and followed his instruction. Augustus from the Primordial Sect, laughed out loud as he had seen through Rahul's mind as they battled.

"Did I hear it right?" he said through gritted teeth. He slashed as Rahul kept on dodging. He didn't stop. "Are you planning to flee? Humph! Fool! That's not going to happen. We'll kill all of you before you get away, you losers."

Rahul ignored Augustus's ferocious attempt to taunt him.

As Augustus offended and Rahul defended, two figures appeared above them.

Then, they came down.

With the arrival of two figures, the two parties stopped their fight.

They were no other than Austin and Stacy.

"Hello, Rahul, hey, guys! How have you been?"

Austin, despite the tension surrounding the air, greeted and smiled at the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

"Austin, you're here!" Rahul exclaimed with surprise.

His face lit up, happiness evident in his voice.

"Little bastard, and Stacy Ren... Miss Ren." Bewilderment was in Augustus expression. Then, it turned into anger. "You... you two are still alive!" Austin smirked.

Stacy, on the other hand, had an unread emotion. "You didn't die in the Secret Valley," Augustus continued, ga

alm cultivator in a heartbeat.'

No one dared to say a word.

Austin didn't even look like he exerted too much effort. He smirked as he looked around. A blood-thirsty, ruthless look reflected in his eyes.

He had taken someone's life already in the vicinity.

'I don't mind killing more, ' he thought.

After ending an Emperor Realm cultivator with his physical power, Austin became thrilled and violent.

He concentrated ninety million pounds on his leg, and as he stretched out his leg, a small whirlpool formed around his leg, cracking the land he was standing on.

While another cultivator at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm who had stood beside the dead cultivator was still in shock, Austin kicked him in the waist. As a result, blood spurted from his mouth as was immediately crushed into two pieces.

Wasting no time, Austin grabbed another Primordial Sect disciple whose cultivation base was at the premium stage of Holy Realm. He lifted his prey and hit him hard on the ground.


The Holy Realm cultivator was sent plummeting to the ground. His bones broke and blood flowed out of their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He gaped at Austin in terror and anger trembling violently.

He had no time to even think he was dead. His head dropped and breathed his last breath.

"Now," Austin said, focusing on the one who taunted him. "You still think I was joking?"

With a composed expression, he brushed off the dirt on his clothes. He flashed an evil smile towards the people of the Primordial Sect

In shock, no one reacted. Within a few seconds, Austin had killed two Semi-emperor Realm masters of the preliminary stage and one Holy Realm cultivator of the premium stage as if he was eating pieces of cake. Stacy thought to herself, 'Who really is this guy?'

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