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   Chapter 1556 The Wild Herb Valley Was In A Mess

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8869

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"No! Get out of here now! This place is going to collapse!"

"Shit! Run away quickly!"

Instantly, the inside of the Secret Valley turned to chaos. All disciples started to run as quickly as they could. They were all rushing to the exit of the valley.

Fortunately, most of them were all able to make it outside before it was too late.

Half an hour later, the whole Secret Valley was completely ruined. The lands, the mountains, the rivers and even the sky had all vanished. The Secret Valley was nowhere in sight anymore.

A few disciples who didn't make it also disappeared together with that chaotic space.

The disciples who were able to find the exit were now inside the palace. However, they didn't stop there. They continued to rush outside until they were out of the gate of the palace. Now that they were outside, they looked back at the palace with great fear in their faces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Eventually, the palace also broke into pieces and fell into ruin.

"Such unfortunate! We have spent so much time breaking the arrays on the golden path and we've succeeded. But look at what happened. Everything we did was all in vain!"

"Yes, we're really unlucky! If I had not been able to run quickly enough, I would have died inside the Secret Valley!"

"You're right. It was so terrifying. The entire space broke down and disappeared before our eyes. I have never seen such a terrifying scene in my lifetime!"

Everyone had their own negative comments while staring at the ruins of the palace in front of them. Although they felt grateful for being able to escape the catastrophe, the fear in them had not yet subsided.

"Oh, by the way, has anyone seen that bastard and Stacy of the Deep Sea Commercial House in the Secret Valley? As far as I can remember, they entered the Secret Valley ahead of us," all of a sudden, Josh Xiao said out loud.

"That evil couple arrived at the Secret Valley nearly half day earlier than all of us. They must have obtained a great deal. If we can find them, maybe we can get something from them. Ha ha ha!" Josh Xiao continued with a devilish laugh.

After everything that they'd experienced, he was still able to think evilly.

Everyone seemed to be delighted of what they'd heard.

Their faces lit up and the trace of fear disappeared.

What Josh Xiao said was right.

That young man and Stacy entered the Secret Valley half a day earlier than them so they must have searched many places inside and had a good harvest.

"Now I know why the large land I found earlier was already empty. I was expecting to see many herbs there but I got none. I even saw some signs that the

was to fight with these bullies.

"Damn! I am only requesting for your belongings because I want to spare all your lives. But you seem not to understand me. Since you refused my offer, then we will have to kill all of you now. Everyone, attack! None of them is allowed to live!"

Augustus of the Primordial Sect said and waved his hand to his disciples.

Instantly, all disciples of the Primordial Sect rushed forward and started to fight against the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

Powerful vital energies burst out and the battle started soon.

Although the disciples of the Flame Holy Land were smaller in number, they were all very strong. Now, they stood back to back to form an array and help each other. Because of this, the disciples of the Primordial Sect could not take advantage over them.

Rahul took out his halberd and released an extremely bright energy ball. He was fighting alone against the two disciples at the premium stage and the three disciples at the medium stage of Emperor Realm. He was really powerful!

"Shit! Who are these people? How strong they could be?"

The leader of the Primordial Sect started to feel anxious and angry.

He'd never expected that the fifty disciples were so powerful. He wasn't able to prepare his disciples in this situation at all.

In about five kilometers away from where the battle was going on, two figures were flying swiftly.

Suddenly, one of them stopped.

"Rahul and the disciples of the Flame Holy Land!" he exclaimed.

He tried to analyze what was going on.

"Ha ha ha! Now, I see it. The disciples of the Primordial Sect are fighting with us! This is good. Now that I'm here, of course I will join the fight."

The two figures flying were no other than Austin and Stacy.

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