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   Chapter 1555 Sky Rumbling And Earth Cracking

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Stacy had met a lot of young man, especially those who were intelligent, fast, and strong. But staring at Austin who was giving off yellow aura, she couldn't keep her mind straight.

Her thoughts kept on saying that this guy, this mysterious Austin, had such an amazing physical strength. She wouldn't even be surprised if he could handle an cultivator who was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm without even using any martial art skills.

After checking his physical strength, Austin rested his eyes on Stacy.

"How is Violet doing?" he asked.

His eyes fell on the lawn near Stacy where Violet were.

Violet had transformed into her natural form—a floral-colored fox with three furry tails.

After the transformation, she laid on the grass motionless, eyes closed.

Austin was shocked by the sight of the fox. Taken aback, Austin reached Violet in a flash. Worry etched his face. His eyes were fixed on her, concerned. He unleashed his spiritual sense to check the fox's condition.

Stacy stood beside Violet, close to Austin, also confused.

To his relief, Austin saw how Violet breathed normally, as if she was asleep. Good. The fox was fine. For a moment, he felt like he would get a heart attack.

"She fell into a deep slumber after coming down from the vital energy shower," she said to sooth Austin.

"Before she went to sleep, she wanted me tell you that she was going to cultivate."

Austin's mind was set at ease.

He had a notion that this had happened to Violet before. 'When she wakes up, she will become much stronger, ' he speculated.

"I've never met a fox with three tails before," she said. "What is she?" She transfixed her curious gaze on Violet's fury tails.

Austin smiled.

"She is a nine-tailed demon fox," Austin replied with honesty.

"What?" Stacy's eyes grew, bigger than before. "She's the legendary nine-tailed demon fox?!"

Austin nodded.

Stacy was still in disbelief. She couldn't comprehend that time of the moment that she was face to face with the demon fox that were told by stories passed through generations after generations! "The nine-tailed demon foxes... they said it was one of the strongest species in ancient times."

"Yeah..." Austin, again, nodded.

Stacy didn't know she was holding her breath. Astonished by what she was seeing, she added, "I didn't expect this race would still exist in our lifetime."

"Most of them don't anymore," Austin said, looking at Violet. "She's one of the lucky ones alive." He looked at their surroundings, and then back to Stacy. "We should get out of here."

He then sent Violet into the Illusion Bead.

Austin had great harvest in the Secret Valley. Not only he had collected a great number of superior herbs, but also entered the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm after the vital energy shower.

He was pleased with his harvest.

Stacy and Austin, returned to the portal in the mid-air.

They both went through it to leave the Secret Valley.

The teleportation power wrapped them up.

In the wink of an eye, they found themselves back in the palace.

As soon a

rm and attempted to climb up the stairs made of stone.

Some ran into the fields, looking around for herbs but couldn't found any.

Many people had spotted caves on the top of mountains. They destroyed the stone doors with violence and acquired plenty of treasures from the said caves.

The Secret Valley, not as secret as it was before, was filled with more than five hundred cultivators.

In the middle of the search of treasures, the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land were gathered on a peak covered in clouds and fogs.

"Lance," one disciple exclaimed in delight, "here is a big cave."

In front of them was a cave with thick spiritual energy coming out from it.

Lance made his way to the entrance of the cave through bodily movement skill.

"The owner of this cave must be some big shot," he said. "There might be priceless items inside.

C'mon, let's hit the door together,"

Lance gushed, a smirk on his face.

The other disciples of the Arcane Holy Land joined him and began attacking the stone door, trying to destroy it.

People cheered again. And as they went inside, they halted. There was a skeleton inside the cave.

Out of the blue, all of them saw how a visual figure floated from the skeleton.

An image of an elder with gray hair and beard appeared. 'Maybe he is at his fifty, ' some of them guessed in their thoughts.

"Secret Valley has been isolated from the outside world for thousands of years," the elder said. "But outsiders still found here and broke in?"

The elder sighed and shook his head, right to left. "Now that our sect had perished, this place is useless. I'll end all of this."

Everyone was confused.

He waved his hands, made several gestures, until someone from behind felt something—a slight shake of the ground. All of them, still didn't have any clue what was happening.

Moments later, one of them shouted from the outside.

"The sky!" Some of them looked. Lo and behold, the sky rumbled as the earth they were standing on shook and cracked. The Secret Valley was ending.

Boom! Boom!

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