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   Chapter 1554 The Third Stage Of The Grand Body Refining Skill

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'It's still quite difficult for me to kill an Emperor Realm cultivator with my current level of strength.

I have to master the third stage of the Grand Body Refining Skill if I want my powers to truly improve, '

Austin thought.

He could now kill a cultivator at the Semi-emperor Realm without even using his physical strength.

That was why he was quite unhappy with the current state of his physical strength. He obviously wanted to be stronger; much stronger!

Austin saw that Stacy had stepped off the platform and now stood staring at him with her beautiful eyes.

But he didn't saw Violet. He looked at Stacy questioningly.

"Where's Violet?"

Austin asked.

"Her vital energy shower is not yet over,"

Stacy answered.

"Why does it take her so long to do the vital energy shower?" Austin asked in puzzlement.

He suddenly remembered that the amount of time to do the vital energy shower might vary from person to person.

Austin looked at Stacy inquiringly. "Oh, your present realm is... Why you don't seem to have any breakthrough?

Doesn't the vital energy shower work for you?" He had sensed Stacy's vital energy realm and realized that she was still at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

His discovery left him surprised and puzzled.

'Didn't the vital energy shower lift her vital energy realm at all?'

"The Wild Herb Valley seems to have been set up by the rules of heaven and earth since it only allowed cultivators at the Emperor Realm or below to enter.

Bitter Sea Realm cultivators and above are absolutely forbidden to enter.

My current strength is at the premium stage of Emperor Realm. If my realm breaks through, I will reach the Bitter Sea Realm.

That is why I can't break through to the Bitter Sea Realm here at the Wild Herb Valley.

However, after the vital energy shower, the quality of my vital energy is much stronger than before, and I can already feel a clear sign of a breakthrough.

I expect my vital energy realm will break through as soon as I leave the Wild Herb Valley,"

Stacy explained patiently.

"Oh, I see."

Austin nodded as he now understood Stacy's situation.

"I wonder when Violet's vital energy shower will be over. Well, let's wait for her," Austin said.

They found a quiet and clean area where they sat and waited for Violet patiently.

While they waited, Austin checked ou

he was in awe with the way Austin took the herbs.

The Grand Body Refining Skill was obtained by Austin from the library of the Flame Holy Land.

Although the Flame Holy Land had been destroyed many years ago, its heritage had never been lost.

The library had many cultivation skills that were passed down from the Flame Holy Land.

These cultivation skills were very precious because the Flame Holy Land used to be a part of the four Holy Lands in the East Mainland.

Austin immersed himself as he practiced the Grand Body Refining Skill.

The powerful herbs refined, transformed, and constantly washed Austin's body. His physical strength started to increase.

Four hours passed quickly.


Austin suddenly stood up and gave out a deafening roar that resonated from heaven to earth.

Finally, he succeeded in practicing the third stage of the Grand Body Refining Skill.

His power was stronger than ever and his physical strength had reached 90 million pounds!

Austin's body emanated sweet fragrance like orchid and musk.

Even a slight vibration in his body could cause a great rumble inside him.

A single movement would create an exceptional force that worked in his shimmering body like a mighty river.

An ever-growing force overflowed through his limbs. Every inch of his skin radiated like a sacred jade, full of explosive terror.

His body was moist and glowed with an earthy yellow light that made it looked like clusters of burning yellow flames.

Austin was like a god bathed in divine light.

He was overflowing with confidence.

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