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   Chapter 1553 The Preliminary Stage Of Semi-emperor Realm (Part Two)

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"It's Violet and Stacy. They came up here as well."

Austin checked around and found Violet and Stacy sitting on the floor not far from him.

Both of them seemed to be practicing as well, as they both sat silently on the floor with their legs crossed.

There were two huge energy clouds of glaring light in the sky over both of their heads.

Two dazzling beams of vital energy shed from heaven on their delicate bodies.

Waves of mighty pure energy could be seen clearly due to the brilliant light. They came from the sky and fleeted at the two girl's bodies continuously without any end.

It was obvious that Violet and Stacy had also gotten their opportunities of the vital energy shower.

Austin felt extremely happy at the sight of it.

Since this was the critical moment for Violet and Stacy to experience the vital energy shower, Austin was fully aware that it would be dangerous to bother them.

"Well, try your best, girls. I'll wait for you down there," murmured Austin to himself.

Austin leaped into the air and immediately left the platform. Then he headed downwards to find a nice place to rest.

Soon he found a proper place and landed there.

Suddenly an idea struck his mind. He then decided not to waste that time by resting.

'Violet and Miss Ren seem as though they will take quite a long while for the vital energy shower.

Why don't I make use of this period and practice the Grand Body Refining Skill?

I have collected various spiritual herbs and superior herbs suitable for the practice, and there are plenty of them! With these herbs, I can refine the skill to the second and even the third stage!'

This idea came to Austin's mind as he shortly landed on his destination.

He immediately took out his Space Ring and rubbed it to summon piles of spiritual herbs and superior herbs. All the spiritual herbs and superior herbs seemed to be of earth nature.


dous energy surge in his chest. It impacted him and surged in him so much that he had a strong desire to yell like a wild beast.

Austin stamped his foot by accident. This immediately caused cracks to form under his feet and the cracks crawled outwards to a distance. At last, the ground under his feet broke with a huge blast and numerous ravines, several meters wide, were formed.

Austin was unable to believe what happened after he just stamped his foot slightly.

It seemed each of his movement would shake and fluctuate the hills and earth around him.

"That is the second stage of the Grand Body Refining Skill. I've finally achieved it!

I think the strength of my physical body is equal to fifty million pounds now.

It has grown more than ten times compared to my strength in the Prime Martial World!" shouted Austin with ecstasy.

His eyes sparkled with a glint of extreme excitement upon this.

"I can kill any Semi-emperor Realm warriors without difficulty even if I only have my physical strength! That's unbelievable!

I wonder what the situation will be if I fight an advanced warrior at the level of Emperor Realm. Who will be the winner at last?"

Austin could not help but imagine this scene in his mind while murmuring this to himself.

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