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   Chapter 1552 The Preliminary Stage Of Semi-emperor Realm (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7170

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Austin sat there on the platform with his legs crossed. He was fully focused.

A thick brilliant beam of vital energy cascaded from the sky, high above his head to shroud him completely within its range.

Though the beam came very silently, the air which was contained in the beam seethed dramatically. It was because of the tremendous power it contained within it. All the energy, which was exerted out of it, ran in the same direction and rushed into Austin's body like flooding water.

Austin relaxed even better while feeling the energy influx into his body. This had let him focus more on practicing. He finally indulged himself completely into the process of practice.

Soon, Austin started to feel the stir of his own energy.

The Golden Sun Scripture in his body was initiated. Subsequently, the ball flashing a glaring golden light started jumping out of his body from his elixir field. The ball of golden light was the symbol of his current progress in the practice of the third stage of the Golden Sun Scripture. It then flew upwards and suspended itself above its master's head. Without wasting any time, it started absorbing the vital energy cascading from the sky at its best extent.

There were rays of golden light, which was as brilliant as dazzling diamond. The light went out from that tiny golden ball to illuminate the whole place of the platform. Under the brilliant light, even the most invisible cracks on the floor were clearly seen at that moment.

Austin's energy meridians, which were wrapped by his blood and flesh, experienced a dramatic change during that whole process. They were getting stronger and stronger under the influence of the pure energy that reached the body.

Each of his energy meridian was expanding as its diameter started increasing. It became so thick that the energy ran in it like waters running rampantly in a wide river channel. Mighty vital energy of golden light rolled in waves in all of Austin's energy meridians with wild momentum.

Time started passing by soon. And it was about one hour now. Austin suddenly heard a massive sound emerging inside his body.

He also felt

hing beyond his dream. The breakthrough almost drove him to shed down tears!

Austin could clearly feel that his practice had entered into the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm. At that moment, the gigantic cloud of light in the air gradually dimmed and finally disappeared.

The beam of vital energy shedding on Austin's body began to darken and disappeared eventually.

"Has this vital energy shower finally come to its end?" murmured Austin as he slightly raised his head to look at the space above his head.

He saw the cloud of light in the sky dim and finally disappear into nothing.

There was no denying that the vital energy shower had come to its end. Austin was anyhow very satisfied with the result. He had achieved many breakthroughs, from his former premium stage of Semi-holy Realm to the current preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm. This was indeed a surprise beyond his expectation.

The energy influx had indeed done him a great favor by saving him the time and energy in practicing the levels in a whole realm of martial arts.

Austin summoned the huge golden ball still suspending above his head back to his elixir field. Then he slowly stood up. He was eagerly waiting to feel the strength of the vital energy in his body. Holding his hands very tight into fists, he was able to sense the mighty vigorous force in them very evidently. That made him flash a brilliant smile on his face.

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