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   Chapter 1551 Vital Energy Shower

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An hour had passed since Austin started his meditation. Then he began to realize everything that was going on.

'All the energies from the nature gathered here due to some reasons and apply pressure on the cultivators who climb up the stairs. That's why we are facing such formidable pressure, ' he thought in his mind.

'The power of nature is invincible. That is why we are all exhausted.'

Austin's eyes remained closed. He was focused on his perception.

He stretched out his hand to feel the power and then tried to figure out why the stone staircase could attract the energies.

At first, he used his own strength to withstand the unbearable pressure coming from the nature.

But later, he stopped employing his own power in order to protect himself. His body warded off the power. As he was so immersed in his contemplation, he didn't know everything that was happening around him.

About two hours later.

Stacy finally appeared on the ninetieth step. She looked so drained and exhausted. The moment she landed on the step, she immediately collapsed. Fortunately, she was able to place her hands on the ground to support herself.

"I'm so tired," she said.

She was panting.

Her clothes were soaked in sweat. The wet clothes clung to her curves and hugged her hips, accentuating her voluptuous figure.

As she breathed heavily, her chest moved up and down. It was indeed a feast in a man's eyes.

'What's going on here? Why is he sitting here and meditating?' Stacy thought to herself while fixing her curious eyes on Austin.

She tried to adjust her breath while rubbing her waist, arms and feet.

Austin was still sitting cross-legged with eyes closed. He had a serene expression on his face and it looked like he was cultivating. His breathing was normal and relaxed.

'This guy is really something. He was able to climb faster than me. And now he looks so relaxed as if there is no pressure oppressing him. He is so amazing.'

Stacy couldn't hide the hint of admiration from her eyes.

She couldn't deny the fact that she already felt something towards this man.

oud of her master.

While the two girls were having a little talk, Austin had already reached the ninety-ninth step.

Indeed, he was really fast.

Finally, Austin landed on the 100th step with a contented smile.

To his astonishment, all the pressure he had borne was gone.

He was much relaxed and delighted as if a big mountain that had fallen on him was finally removed.

When he surveyed the surroundings, Austin found himself standing on a huge platform.

"Congratulations!" a loud voice cut through the air.

"Since you've reached the 100th step, you have a chance to take the vital energy shower. Please sit down cross-legged and get ready."

Austin looked up at the sky and saw a ray of light above his head.

Terrifying energy waves kept coming out from it.

Austin followed the voice's instructions hastily.


A beam of light that contained enormous vital energy gushed from the cloud and dashed to Austin.

The tremendous, pure vital energy poured into his body.

Although the energy was overwhelming and dense, it didn't pose any threat to him.

In fact, he felt fantastic as the pure energy rushed into his bones, energy meridians, and cells.

He felt like all his cells were absorbing the energy that madly entered his body.

'Which realm will I be able to enter after this?' Austin wondered inwardly.

He was full of expectations and excitement.

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