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   Chapter 1550 Climb The Stone Ladder In The Void

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As the three, Austin, Violet and Stacy, landed on the first step of the ladder floating in the air, they felt that their bodies were so uncomfortable as if they were carrying something extremely heavy on their back.

That made them all suddenly stop climbing. They abruptly stood up and straightened their posture as an effort to counter the invisible pressure that was exerted on them.

"Do you feel that? This stone ladder can detect our breathing and our cultivate base. The intensity of the momentum from the universe that was exerted on us varies depending on the differences in our strength levels.

And because I am at the premium stage of Emperor Realm which is stronger than you two, the corresponding momentum exerted on me is also a lot stronger.

Therefore, having a stronger cultivation base doesn't mean that the person has an advantage when he climbs this stone ladder!

What a wonderful journey!"

Stacy said with great amazement. She had great expectations about what she would get at the end of the journey. Anyhow, she felt like if the challenge was harder, the rewards would also be greater.

"Yes, you are quite right," Austin said in agreement.

Apparently, he also had the same feeling as she did.

He had believed that it would be much easier for Stacy to finish climbing the ladder since she was much stronger than he and Violet.

However, after they all climbed the stone ladder, he found out that Stacy didn't seem to be more relaxed than they were.

What they had experienced indicated that the stone ladder could exert varying pressures according to each warriors' cultivation base. This guaranteed that every warrior who climbed the stone ladder would bear the corresponding pressure. In other words, any warrior would be tested by the ladder somehow equally.

"Let's continue to climb up," Austin suggested excitedly. He was curious about the reward they would get after he arrived at the top of the ladder.

He smiled lightly at his other two companions as he took the lead to climb up to the second step. As soon as he did, he immediately stood up to resist the pressure.

Sure enough, when he got to the second step, the pressure was much stronger than that of the first step.

Soon, Violet and Stacy also reached the second step of the ladder.

"Wow, the pressure is getting even stronger!"

Violet exclaimed and exhaled a deep breath.

"Violet, can you bear it?"

Austin asked her worriedly. She was the weakest among them. It made him more concerned about her safety.

It seemed that although she was already tired, she could still bear it. "Hey, master, don't underestimate my power!"

Violet protested in a slightly displeased tone as she looked up at her master. Even with the slight annoyance on her face, she still looked beautiful.

Violet was a nine-tailed demon fox who could change form. Violet transformed herself into a woman at the moment, who looked quite beautiful and charming. Because of Violet's awesome illusion power, she always looked even more enchanting than a

t he was both physically and mentally tired.

He also wanted to wait for both Violet and Stacy. He was wondering if they could reach his position.

At the ninetieth step of the stone ladder, the terrible energy from the universe was continuously radiating. Austin had to use strong power to stabilize his body.

'The power and momentum from the universe are really powerful here!

However, if you can adapt to such powerful pressure here, it will bring great benefits to the improvement of your own strength.

Moreover, I estimate that the immense power here should be left by the masters of the Cyan Pill Valley tens of thousands of years ago using the power of the law.

I suggest you to have a better understanding of the power and momentum here, and it will be good for you to have a deep insight about the power of the domain, even the power of enlightening and the power of the law,"

the Flame Emperor reminded abruptly in Austin's Soul Sea. In every critical moment like this, he would always give Austin some useful suggestions.

'It's a good suggestion! Thank you!'

Austin replied at once. He had truly been grateful for the advice he got from the Flame Emperor.

Realizing that what the emperor said made sense, he simply sat cross-legged on the ninetieth step of the stone ladder, closed his eyes and quietly sensed the formidable pressure.

He slowly felt the formidable pressure that was still squeezing his flesh, his energy meridian, and blood veins. He also felt it affecting his spiritual sense force, his spirit as well as his will.

At the same time, he felt his body and energy meridians silently resisting it. Somehow, he slowly detected that his body seemed to be stronger during the process. His energy meridians became more stable and his blood was racing furiously in his body.

Apart from that, under the honing of the horrible pressure, his spiritual sense force was gradually becoming more solid.

The Flame Emperor was indeed right! He did gain great benefits from the situation.

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