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   Chapter 1549 Breakthrough Platform

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Out of the blue, a tantalizing girl appeared beside Austin and addressed him as master, which kindled Stacy's curiosity. She stole glances at Violet from time to time to try and understand what was happening.

Violet smiled at her composedly as she met her questioning gazes.

She got the hint of what had happened between Stacy and her master, and was certain that she was friends with Austin.

Stacy recognized that Violet was a demonic beast.

Even though she was extremely intrigued to know about Violet's relationship with Austin, she didn't ask him. After all, cultivators all had their own secrets that they didn't want to share with other people.

Although Austin, Violet and Stacy acted quickly, it still took them about half an hour to collect all the superior herbs for the herb fields covered a vast area.

Even if it was a grade one superior herb, it was of high value that common cultivators couldn't afford.

Austin and Violet had picked up more superior herbs compared to what Stacy did.

Stacy had no problem with that.

'Thanks to Austin, I can be here.

If it weren't for him, I would be still working on breaking the arrays with the people from other sects.'

Austin quickly started calculating the superior herbs he and Violet had collected.

They had managed to acquire about a thousand first-grade superior herbs, a thousand second-grade superior herbs, five hundred third-grade superior herb, a hundred fourth-grade superior herbs, and over fifty fifth-grade superior herbs.

Both Austin and Violet were so enthralled about their amazing harvest that their heart beat quickly.

"Master, we are wealthy now. We've made an unbelievable fortune." Violet sprung up and down like a little girl who had gotten her favorite doll.

Her beautiful eyes shone with joy.

"Yes, we are rich now." Austin was equally

imb it at the same time. The steps were very smooth.

The other end of the staircase was enveloped in thick fog.

The staircase contained a hundred steps, and each step was a hundred meter high. Hence, the staircase was over a hundred meters tall.

From where Austin and Stacy stood, the stairway appeared to be very tall.

They observed the staircase for a while before moving forward.

Violet showed up and stood right beside Austin.

"Master, do you think it will do any good for my cultivation if I climb it?" Violet asked, staring at the staircase curiously.

She was too eager to climb up the stairs.

"Why don't you try it? Then you will find the answer.

According to that elder, people who climb the stone staircase will feel the pressure from the nature.

I think it will be beneficial for your cultivating if you give it a try,"

Austin replied thoughtfully.

"You have a good point. Then I will join you in our venture,"

Violet agreed gladly.

"Well, let's start then,"

Austin said to Stacy.

Stacy nodded and got ready.

The three of them took a deep breath before stepping on the staircase.

The moment they stood on the first step, an invisible power appeared and rushed at them.

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