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   Chapter 1548 Superior Herb Field

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"This superior elder was a sixth-level superior pill refiner. He was really an expert in pill refining.

Only principal disciples from our sect were worthy of getting this book.

Jessy was a principal disciple, while I was just an outer disciple.

She gave me this book secretly.

So, you should thank her for that,"

the man continued explaining.

'Oh my god! A level six superior pill refiner?

The Essence of Superior Pill is written by a sixth-level pill refiner.'

Austin held his breath in surprise.

"Thank you, sir!"

He excitingly expressed his gratitude.

He knew that alchemy in the Divine Continent was much more advanced compared to the Prime Martial World.

Angus was the best pill refiner in the Prime Martial World.

But he was just a level-ten pill refiner.

Austin learned that the people in the Divine Continent called ordinary pills refiners as spiritual pill refiners.

It was because the pills they made were spiritual pills.

Superior pill refiners were better at pill refining than spiritual pill refiners.

The pills they refined were superior pills.

If Angus had come to the Divine Continent, he would be just a level-ten spiritual pill refiner.

Meanwhile, Austin was a level-nine spiritual pill refiner.

Austin believed that he could become a superior pill refiner as long as he spent time on the Essence of Superior Pill.

"All right, young man, that's all I can give you for bringing me here.

My soul is out of energy.

Remember to bury my skeleton and Jerry's together," the man uttered in a faint voice.

His figure was gradually fading away, and all Austin could do was stare at it.

His soul was, unfortunately, slowly perishing.

Austin stood there, intently watching him as he understood that he could do nothing to prevent the man's soul from vanishing.

"Rest assured, sir. I'll do as told,"

Austin replied respectfully.

The man nodded his head and turned around. He touched Jessy's skeleton gen

it only proved that the bead was extremely helpful for keeping souls.

"What are you waiting for? Let's collect the herbs!" Austin and Stacy said to each other at the same time.

The two of them burst into laughter before dashing towards the superior herbs.

"Violet, gnome, I need your help. Get out and pick up the herbs,"

Austin requested to his companions through his spiritual sense.


A cloud of green smoke rose from the bead, and Violet appeared beside Austin.

"Oh my god! Are these superior herbs, master?

I've never seen any of them back in the Prime Martial World," Violet exclaimed after inhaling the dense spiritual energy.

Although excited, she didn't forget her task and quickly began plucking the herbs.

"Yes, these are superior herbs.

There are surely lots of them! It would be great if there are superior herbs above level five.

Where is the gnome? It looks like he has been quiet recently. I tried talking to him through my spiritual sense several times, but he didn't respond,"

Austin mentioned.

"He has been in a deep slumber. Before he hibernated, he told me that he might awaken another blood lineage soon,"

Violet responded shortly.

"I see. Then I will not disturb him,"

Austin said with a nod and continued harvesting as many herbs as he could.

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