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   Chapter 1547 Reunion Of Two Lovers

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Judging by his tone, Austin knew that the man in his Soul Sea was eager to get into the cave. He stepped forward, looking up at the tall, stone door in front of them. He took out a jade token and waited.

He could feel arrays pulsating from the entrance as he looked back at Stacy. She shrugged and gestured at the jade token.

Austin turned back around and saw the jade token lighting up. Heavy scraping could be heard as the stone door slid open.

A stagnant, putrid smell immediately filled his nose, causing it to wrinkle. As he peered into the darkness, he assumed the cave had been abandoned for a long time.

Pulling out a light, he flicked it on and swept it across the darkness. From what he could see, it looked safe. Austin waved for Stacy to follow him and stepped into the cave.

In the middle of the circular area, there was a small, stone table and a few stone chairs around it. Several lovely ornaments were hung from the top of the cave and placed carefully on flat surfaces. It was apparent that a female cultivator had lived here before.

In his search, Austin stopped when his eyes rested on a cushion in the far side of the cave. Propped against the wall on top of it was a lonely skeleton.

The skeleton was small and dainty. Austin figured the person that had died was a woman, probably the one that had lived here.

"Jessy, no! You can't really be dead. You can't..."

The man teleported out of the small, white bead and appeared in front of the skeleton. He gradually collapsed onto his knees and dropped his head in his hands.

"Jessy, I'm here. Jessy.

It's been fifty thousand years. I didn't think I'd ever find you."

Tears poured down his cheeks but oddly enough, he was smiling.

The man's figure flickered slightly. Austin took a step towards him but hesitated. He had seen that the man's soul had a tendency of becoming invisible.

"Sir, if you don't get back to the Soul-nourishing Bead, your soul's energy will be sucked out. This is too risky," Austin said.

"Jessy... I'm here with you. I know you can feel me," the man continued, touching the skeleton's face fondly.

It seemed the words hadn't even penetrated the man's ears as he conti

can have a chance to take the vital energy shower.

A vital energy shower might help cultivators make a breakthrough but it varies from person to person.

Some cultivators can't break through a new level right away. But time spent in the Breakthrough Platform will help them increase the amount of their vital energy and improve the quality of their vital energy.

But some cultivators are lucky and they might jump several levels.

Your cultivation base is too low. You can try your luck, and I advise you to, but you may struggle.

There are many caves in the Secret Valley, where my companions and masters used to live.

You must not enter those caves,"

the man said.

'Breakthrough Platform?' Austin thought, rubbing his chin with his fingers.

'If that place still exists, I will check it out.'

"Thank you, sir. I'll get to the Breakthrough Platform and give it a try.

And I won't explore the caves in the valley, you have my word,"

Austin responded.

"Young man, I'm out of time. Before my soul disappears, I will give you one last gift. It is a pill-refining book called Essence of Superior Pill.

This book was written by a superior elder who was the best superior pill refiner in our sect. You can read it if you like."

The man waved his hand and a light appeared and entered Austin's Soul Sea.

An old book called Essence of Superior Pill was now a part of Austin's Soul Sea and he could learn from it when he wanted to.

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