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   Chapter 1546 The Secret Valley

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6947

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Countless shadows flew above Austin and hit him with an intense amount of energy. It terrified Austin.

"Don't worry. These arrays of the golden path are also forceful defense instruments. They can withstand even the most powerful attacks. As long as you stand still, they cannot hurt you,"

the man in the white bead assured Austin.

True enough, before the shadows were about to hit Austin's head, waves of brilliant golden energy surged up from the golden path and formed a shield. It forced the shadow away from Austin, protecting him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shadows shattered into pieces and fell from the sky like stardust.

"Let's join forces and attack this little bastard together. I want him dead today!" Lance shouted to his companions. His face filled with anger and resentment.

'I can't hurt Austin because of those stupid arrays, ' he thought.

The disciples of the Arcane Holy Land that were with Lance all attacked Austin with their own powerful vital energy.

They were highly skilled cultivators, trained to fight in battles. As they each launched an attack, it created a massive energy force that radiated on the ground. The whole valley trembled violently and around them were crashing sounds.

The golden energy that came out of the golden path repelled all the attacks. No amount of martial skills and energy force from the members of the Arcane Holy Land could penetrate the shield. They could not touch a single hair from Austin's head.

Austin fixed his gaze on Lance. He wanted to kill him and his face showed it. Austin was a vengeful man, and he was never friendly to anyone who wanted him dead.

"I will never forget what you did to me. You will pay for it one day!" Austin said as he pointed his finger towards Lance.

Without waiting for a response, he turned around and took Stacy by the hand. They dashed towards the gate of the palace and reached it in a flash.

The rest stared at Austin's retreating figure. They did not understand why a young man of the Semi-holy Realm had the courage to mess with a disciple of the

them the way, Austin and Stacy came to a hidden cave.

"This is where Jessy cultivated," the man said in a low voice.

The place reminded him of so many memories that it made him cry tears of joy.


The white bead flew out of Austin's Soul Sea and fell on his shoulder.

A shadow of a man dressed in yellow clothes came out of the bead.

"Sir, you need to get back at the bead, or else your soul will run out of energy soon,"

Austin said, startled by the man's actions.

Once a human's spiritual soul left its body, it could not exist in the physical realm for a long time unless it was kept or hidden in an enchanted space or capsule.

The white bead contained a special space.

It was why the man's soul survived in it for a long time. The white bead sustained and protected the man's soul.

But once his soul was out of the white bead, it would lose its energy slowly and would eventually perish.

The man's action would only lead to his own destruction.

"That's all right. My soul will soon disappear, anyway. Get inside. The cave is surrounded by countless arrays for protection. But you will be allowed to enter because you have my jade token.

Ha-ha! I can enter this cave freely because Jessy cast some spell on my jade token. Other male disciples from our sect are not as lucky as I am,"

the man said, proud and beaming with pride.

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