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   Chapter 1545 Provocation

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Josh knew a lot about arrays. After all, he was a level-six array expert. Therefore, he immediately figured out what the jade token in Austin's hand was for. It was a person's ticket through the golden path.

And when everyone heard his shout, the entire valley became excited. This man had a way across!

They fixed their eyes on Austin's jade slip with a greedy look. They would kill, pay, loot, and do just about anything for the jade slip.

'Oh, shit! Looks like I am gonna need to speed up and reach the palace as soon as possible, ' Austin thought to himself, slightly rattled.

Holding the jade slip in his left hand, he began to run faster and faster towards the entrance of the palace holding Stacy with the other hand.

Problem was, he couldn't risk triggering the arrays. Therefore, he couldn't activate his bodily movement skills.

There was no point in taking any chances. The arrays on the golden path were extremely powerful and if he got stuck, then he would lose his life!

So he simply kept running towards the entrance of the palace holding the jade slip in the air.

"You mean to tell me that those arrays don't attack that brat because of the jade slip?

Stop him. Get the jade slip from him, Now!"

someone exclaimed and everyone caught on to the idea.

It was understandable! The golden path was filled with at least a thousand arrays, and over thirty Emperor Realm masters had gotten themselves killed in their progressing just a dozen meters.

And the jade token was allowing Austin and Stacy to run on the path unscathed.

The entire valley soon realized that the jade token in Austin's hand was preventing the two of them from being attacked.

"Stop, you brat!" someone shouted.

"Give me that jade token, brat! You're a nobody! I deserve it!"

"If you don't turn in the jade token, I'll teach you a hard lesson. STOP!"

The disciples from every single sect and place began threatening Austin and tried to pause him in his tracks.

Some tried bribing him with offers of lust and wealth. "Please wait a minute, dude. I'd like to buy your jade slip for a hundred million divine vital energy crystals. What say you? Hey, how about two hundred million divine vital energy crystals? I've doubled it!"

and he had developed a self-conceited character. And this young cultivator at the Semi-holy realm threatening him had seriously made him question his authority!

"Fuck this. This damn brat, is he crazy? How dare he threaten Lance?"

"No one gets away with threatening or even disrespecting a disciple of our Arcane Holy Land. Guys, this asshole is our enemy. We can't let him get away."

Now, every single member of the Arcane Holy Land went ballistic. One for all, all for one!

As disciples of the Arcane Holy Land, they were always treated in a respectful manner no matter where they went in the East Mainland. They were used to this way of life.

There was no way that they were going to allow anyone to provoke or hurt their companions. Austin's challenging attitude had crossed a line.

"Go to hell!" Lance roared through his yellow, gritted teeth.

As he stretched out his hand in a threatening manner, an ancient gilded seal materialized out of nowhere over his palm. It was carved with countless mysterious symbols and they each looked haunting and fearsome.

Lance Lu then transferred his vital energy into the seal, and after a while, the seal began to give off a dazzling golden light. Numerous shadows of dragons and snakes appeared around it, slithering and hissing in a furious tone. The air around it seemed to go dark.

The next moment, those shadows left the confines of the seal and dashed straight at Austin.

The formidable energy of the shadows began to roll!

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