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   Chapter 1544 The Identification Token

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"Yes. But I don't have time to explain it to you in detail now. Will you enter it with me or not?"

Austin asked Stacy.

"Of course I will!"

Stacy replied to him without any second thoughts. Now that they had arrived here, she would not give up the chance to enter the Secret Valley.

"All right then. Let's start!"

Austin nodded his head and started his bodily movement skill facing the direction of the golden path.

At that point in time, almost all the cultivators who were located in the valley started gathering in front of the golden path. All of them were surprised and they put their heads together to talk about Austin's action.

After Josh, the disciple of the Mysterious Taoist Sect had also attempted to do it yet failed, no one else dared to step on the gold path thereafter.

"Everybody, the arrays in the golden path is really eminent and high ranked. It also has a superpower. As I estimated, even a grade ten array expert is inadequate and impotent to solve these arrays.

There is only one situation to solve these Arrays. It is the earth array experts who are capable to crack them.

The only choice we now have left with us is, to shatter them down to pieces with our vital energy violently. Remember! This shall be possible only if we work together. Then, we can try to solve the Restriction Arrays in the golden path.

If we are unsuccessful in doing so, we will all be unable to get into that palace as we wish to,"

Josh spoke loudly, as if making an announcement.

"Huh! This sounds so bizarre. Only an earth array expert can break through the arrays. It seems!"

everyone exclaimed to themselves upon hearing Josh's words.

They did not have any earth array expert in the vicinity. If they were to find one, they had to travel far from them.

It was to be stated that, in the Divine Continent, the array experts were ranked based on their strength of making arrays. There were grade one to grade ten array experts. The ones who performed out-of-the-box, then they were ranked on earth array expert by improving his skills. Above them, were the sky array experts.

On an average, cultivators who had the ability to make arrays at level nine or ten, were honored with the name, array masters. If the cultivator was eligible to become an earth array expert, he would then be the top array expert in the East Mainland. All the sects would be eagerly waiting to maintain a good relationship with such a cultivator.

And as for the heaven array expert, people had only heard about them in legends.

Now that the arrays could only be broken by an earth array expert, they must be highly ranked and possessed extremely great power. Everyone took keen interest so as to know about the importance of the arrays.

"Mr. Josh, how is the possibility that we can break through these arrays by vital energy ruinously?"

be an powerful array master and all the sects wanted to have a good relationship with him.

"You... !"

Josh was too angry to speak anything. Nobody had ever been bold to be rude to him.

"How dare you!

How dare you speak like that to Josh! You jerk! You must come back and make an apology to him!"

Lance, the young man in purple from the Arcane Holy Land roared at Austin.

At that moment, Austin and Stacy had already made five to six steps hand-in-hand into the golden path. They took immense care to make each of their step.

After all, the golden path was really cruel and dangerous, which Austin had seen it by himself.

"I will give you my identification token. You pay attention to it and take it!"

Inside Austin's Soul Sea, the man's voice was heard in the bead. A jade badge flew out of the white bead and directly fell into Austin's hand.

Austin looked at the jade badge and saw three words "Cyan Pill Valley" written in ancient style on the badge. The words carried years of sediment and experience.

"Now with this identification badge in your hand, you can act on the golden path freely and will not be affected by the arrays anymore,"

the man in the bead said to Austin.

Austin was ecstatic. He dragged Stacy with her hand and stepped with a big stride boldly. Soon they moved forward almost twenty meters.

Stacy had no idea that Austin would do that. She was dragged by Austin and was unable to control her body. She had to run along with Austin for more than one hundred meters. Her charming eyes gave Austin a hard glare. She had her teeth gritted in anger as she thought Austin was taking advantage of her, yet again.

"I see! That guy has a jade badge in his hand and that should be some token that seemed to stop the attack of the arrays!

Stop him now! As long as we have that jade badge, we can walk on the golden path and enter the palace freely!"

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