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   Chapter 1543 You Might Have To Hold My Hand (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5514

Updated: 2019-12-10 00:56

About half an hour later, Josh suddenly made his move. He lifted his foot carefully and put it down on the golden path with extreme caution.

With every step he took, he drew several array flags from his arms and then tossed them into the air. In a flash, those flags would vanish into thin air.

Josh walked slowly as if he was in slow motion. He was wary of any possible dangers that might come on his way. He couldn't be more careful at that moment.

Moments later and he was already over thirty meters into the golden path. It was the longest distance all the warriors here could cover so far.

"Well, I hate to say that, but this guy won't make it with that level of array skills. That's far from being qualified.

Ten more meters and he would be thrown out of the path, take it from me," said the man in the bead inside Austin's Soul Sea when everything seemed to be going well.

Hearing that, Austin watched Josh more carefully. He became somewhat intrigued, too.

Josh was still inching his way forward. He was adjusting himself before he took each step. As he pushed forward, more array flags were flung into the air and disappeared.

Soon, he was about forty meters away from the crowd.

"Ha-ha, so far, so good, huh?" Lance gave a bright smile. "Looks like you are really our hope of getting through the golden path. You truly are an extraordinary array expert," he said to Josh.

Lance was quite pleased with how things were going. He also didn't forget to butter Josh up by the way.

However, as soon as he had finished speaking, Josh's face changed color. Before anyone could see what might be the problem, the array

d the pros and cons of taking her.

Soon, he made up his mind and made the decision. He would take the chance and take Stacy with him.

After all, Stacy was kind enough to show him the way and offer him to find the Secret Valley with her together.

It was just the right thing to do to pay her back for her kindness. Also, it would be ungrateful of him to just leave her behind now that they were one step closer to the Secret Valley.

As he made up his mind, Austin talked to Stacy through their Soul Sea.

"Here is the thing, Miss Ren. I might have a way of going beyond this golden path and into the palace.

And I may be able to take you along.

But the thing is, you might…have to hold my hand in the whole process. One of us, or worse, both of us might get killed by the arrays once they find out that two people are getting through at a time.

What do you say?"

Stacy's eyes widened when she heard the suggestion.

She stayed still for a moment and didn't say anything. "You mean, there is still a way to get through this terrible path?" Stacy replied after a long while.

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