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   Chapter 1542 You Might Have To Hold My Hand (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6239

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Following the disciples from the three holy lands, many of those from other sects had soon set foot on the golden path as well. As they arrived in the path, they proceeded to their quest with caution. All of them pursed their lips into a tight line. Their careful footsteps echoed loudly throughout the whole space. All their weapons were raised as they were ready to fight or defend at the smallest sign of movement.

It didn't take them long until they saw the end of the path, because it was only around two hundred meters. But it was undoubtedly a nerve-wracking journey for all of them.

"Let's go and see what lies ahead, shall we?"

Stacy suggested with a wave of her hand. When she finished speaking, she took the lead and flew towards the golden path. Austin immediately trailed behind her.

"Well, well, let's see if they can really get into the palace with their poor array skills. What a pack of fools."

Just then, the man's voice spoke again from the bead in Austin's Soul Sea. Austin was confused, but before he could ask questions or figure out why he had said that, bad things had already happened.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The whole golden path began bristling with danger as beams of golden lights flashed across it like numerous knives cutting in.


As soon as they saw the sharp beams of light, short and ear-piercing screams followed. A forceful and invisible power bombarded those who were some distance into the path. Their bodies twisted before falling to the ground like a discarded waste. Soon, almost forty top warriors were killed without even being able to fight back, all of whom were at the Emperor Realm.

Only a few of them could react in time and flee the sudden strike. They were lucky to escape and did not meet the same fate as the others.

While the rest who had just stepped onto the path simply froze in

al skills such as pill refining, weapon casting, array setting, and array breaking were very popular in the martial world. Many sects, including the most powerful ones, would try as much as they could to draw those talents to join them.

That was why even the warriors from the Arcane Holy Land would be this respectful towards Josh.

"Oh, Lance, good to see you here. I'm so flattered, really.

But you can be sure that I will try my best,"

Josh replied while he cupped his hands to greet the man. After an exchange of polite words, he turned around to face the path and adjusted his breath. With much fascination, he stared at the shining runes on the surface of the path as he began to analyze them.

While he was at it, everyone else held their breath and stood there almost motionless. They all waited to see how Josh was going to break those powerful arrays.

Everybody was nervous and excited at the same time as they all wondered how things would unfold. After all, those were not just ordinary arrays, but a horrifying one that had killed nearly forty Emperor Realm warriors in the blink of an eye. Although they didn't show it, they were worried about Josh. He seemed to be the only one now that dared to take the risks.

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