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   Chapter 1541 Golden Path

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'Hmm. I see, ' Austin thought.

He stared at the patterns of the arrays on the golden path, marveling at the array's power.

'I'm lucky to have met the man in the white bead. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to know how to enter the palace.'

Austin looked at the people in the valley.

There were at least six hundred cultivators. Most of them were at the Emperor Realm.

"Looks like the palace is the point of entrance to the Secret Valley. But this place is surrounded by many arrays. These arrays must be extremely powerful. Otherwise, all those cultivators would have already swarmed towards the entrance.

So, I think we should wait here and see what will happen," Stacy said after observing for a while.

She led the rest to a steep slope, while she kept watching the palace carefully.

'Stacy is really an observant person. She is a good leader, ' Austin thought to himself as he looked at Stacy keenly.

"Boy, find a chance to approach the golden path, and I'll give you my token. This way, you can enter the palace," the man inside the white bead suggested to Austin.

Austin nodded his head slightly, in agreement.

All the people there, including the disciples of the three holy lands, fixed their eyes on the golden path.

Apparently they had surmised that the golden path was the only way to the palace.

Considering that all the people were too confused to take any action, Austin thought it was not a good idea to walk on the golden path. He wanted to stay low. Hence, he stood aside waiting for someone else to make a move first.

As time passed, more and more people from other sects reached the valley. They were at the Emperor Realm.

"Fuck! Looks like you've been hiding here all this time, you brat."

A furious voice echoed. The next minute, a man dressed in white dashed towards Austin with an angry look on his face.

An overbearing vital energy was being released from the man's body.

Seeing him approaching, Stacy moved forward with a snort and stood in front of Austin.

As she waved her hand, a loud voice cut through the air. The next minute, a phoenix got out of her b

emed like they were studying those symbols and trying to interpret the message.

"These disciples of the three holy lands have a good knowledge about arrays. They seem to be working diligently towards finding a solution to break the array,"

another man whispered.

The three holy lands in the East Mainland were very powerful sects. Each of those lands had a long history.

The disciples of the holy lands were either exceptional geniuses or outstanding cultivators. Apart from good martial artists, there were excellent pill refiners, weapon refiners and array experts in the holy lands.

Hence, many disciples of the three holy lands had already learned how to make pills, forge weapons or set up arrays. Some of them had exceptional talents in those fields.

After some time, the disciples of the three holy lands stepped on the golden path discreetly.

Each time they took a step forward, they would pause and look down at the patterns on the path. They were being extremely cautious, as one wrong step could be disastrous for all.

Another few minutes passed and they had advanced a dozen meters.

"It looks like they know how to break the arrays and get into that palace!"

one of the disciples of another sect said in a low voice.

"We can't just wait and watch them advance. We should give it a try too!"

All of a sudden, the people present there began dashing towards the golden path.

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