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   Chapter 1540 A Thousand Arrays

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The disciples of the Flame Holy Land couldn't make head or tail of this situation. There was no reason they could think of which would explain why Stacy was suddenly siding with them.

"Austin! What the hell's going on?" Rahul asked secretly through his spiritual sense.

But it seemed like he would have to wait for the answer indefinitely. "It's a long story. All you need to know is that the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House and the Blood-thirsty Gang aren't going to be our enemies,"

Austin replied without going into any details.

Rahul noticed his tone and realized that Austin didn't want to tell him the whole story. He had to let it go.

"I need you guys to come with me." Stacy pointed at some members of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

She then continued issuing the order, "The rest of you, please continue picking up the herbs."

Following her sentence, twenty-five Emperor Realm masters walked up and stood by Stacy's side.

"Right then. Let's get going now,"

Stacy remarked to Austin.

"Rahul, I have something I need to take care of with Miss Ren. You take care,"

Austin told Rahul through his spiritual sense as he began to walk away.

With him, Stacy and twenty-five masters of the Emperor Realm also took their leave and within a very few moments, they were out of sight.

"Rahul, why do you think Austin agreed to go with Miss Ren? Did she threaten him somehow? Could it be possible that she threatened to hurt us if he didn't follow her orders?"

Zoe asked in a concerned tone through her spiritual sense.

Austin had impressed her a lot when he had saved her from three disciples of the Blood Moon Sect disciples the other day. They had all been at the Semi-emperor realm, yet Austin had made short work of the fight.

Since then, she had been paying a rather large amount of attention to Austin. In fact, she hadn't taken her eyes off of him ever since he had made his appearance. She had planned on greeting him specifically, but hadn't gotten the chance.

Given her admiration for the man, it was natural of her to be concerned on seeing him taken away by Stacy.

"I don't think so. In fact, I think Miss Ren bears no ill will towards Austin. What's more, Austin didn't look like the sort of person who was being intimidated into doing something. We shouldn't worry; I believe that Austin had his reasons for agreeing to go with her.

For now, we have our task; it is to collect more herbs," Rahul replied.

And with that, he turned his attention towards the herbs, so did the other disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

As for the members of the Deep Sea Commercial House and the Blood-thirsty Gang, they didn't have the nerve to even touch the people of the Flame Holy Land after Stacy had given the

you that the palace was well protected.

In front of the palace was a path, paved all the way across with golden plates, lodged together in several complicated patterns. They were actually arrays.

Several groups of people were standing around the palace, as if deliberating something. From careful observation, one could tell that disciples of the same sect had gathered together. People from the three holy lands, as well as from first, second, and even third grade sects could also be seen.

In any case, the person who had attempted to warn Stacy and her companions had well and truly concealed his location. And he had done that deliberately.

"That's none of your business,"

Stacy snapped back with a snort at the unknown.

People inside the valley didn't want more people to join them. After all, the more contestants they got, the less shares of the treasure they would be able to get.

Since Stacy and her crew were Emperor Realm masters, one good thing was that no one dared to pick on them directly.

"The palace is the entrance to the Secret Valley.

There are numerous arrays that surround it, and they were made by a famous array expert of our time. Don't be fooled by their age; these arrays are very powerful.

The golden path is the only way to enter the palace and it is well protected.

There are powerful arrays made on the golden path too. Each time you take a step forward on it, you will land in an altogether different array, and get stuck there. The further you move forward, the more likely you are to lose your life. No one knows for sure, but it is said that there are at least a thousand arrays on the path.

Therefore, it is nearly impossible for people to get into the palace if they don't have the jade tokens as our identification cards,"

the man in the bead suddenly talked to Austin.

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