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   Chapter 1539 Go With Me (Part Two)

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Austin repeated these words in sheer surprise, having no idea what exactly Stacy intended to do. He was still trying to figure out what goes in the lady's mind.

"Yes, go with me to find the Secret Valley. The Deep Sea Commercial House got an ancient map some years ago.

As this ancient map shows, there is a rumored hidden valley within the range of the Wild Herb Valley.

It is called the Secret Valley. And this unknown valley is the place where treasured plants and herbs grow in large quantities. There are also numerous superior herbs and rare natural resources in there.

To be honest, I went to the Wild Herb Valley with the intention to find the Secret Valley. That was my real purpose of being here.

Unfortunately, there had been a mistake and the information got leaked. Sexton knew about my plan and launched a surprise attack against me. I just got lucky that you appeared in time and killed that bastard. If you had not come, the map about the location of the Secret Valley would have been robbed away by him.

Now you can go with me to find the Secret Valley together. Once we find it, we can find plenty of valuable herbs there. And you can also have every treasured herb you can find in that valley. Since you saved my life, I can do you such a favor to thank you.

So, what do you think about my proposal?"

Stacy looked at Austin's face with a pair of beautiful eyes as she finished speaking all those words. She flashed him a hopeful expression while she was expecting a reply from him.

But Austin only felt a little amused at her words. The coincidence was funny.

He was going to the Secret Valley as he initially planned. Would it be absurd to accept Stacy's invitation for an action that he was already going to take on his own?

"Does anybody else know about the existence of the Secret Valley besides your people in the Deep Sea Commercial House?"

After her long speech, he finally spoke. Austin's question was nevertheless a sudden one. However, Stacy had been anticipating a reply from him so she didn't seem to mind at all.

"I think those in the three major holy lands might have known something about it. Their disciples sea

d lingered so long alone in the grove without another soul with them, all of them wondered what exactly they had just done in there. They could not help but think of the things that a man and a woman would do when they were alone.

"Listen, Nicholas, all the hatred and misunderstandings between your Blood-thirsty Gang and the Shiny Sect shall be gone from this moment on. No one shall find fault with Shiny Sect disciples.

Additionally, you should offer assistance to them if you meet any of them in the future.

Do you understand?"

Stacy looked at Nicholas with a darkened face as she spoke to him in a cold tone.

This surprised Nicholas a lot. He witnessed how Austin killed an Blood-thirsty Gang disciple with his own eyes. How could it be possible for him to forgive and befriend his enemy?

He dared not to show his true feelings in front of Stacy, however. How could he afford to offend the young lady of the Deep Sea Commercial House, their biggest sponsor? So he just nodded his head reluctantly as a gesture of agreeing with this important woman.

"How about the others? Do you understand as well?"

Stacy's eyes cast a look across every warrior in the group of the Deep Sea Commercial House. She swept her eyes on every single one of them.

"Understood, Miss Ren!"

Those warriors from the Deep Sea Commercial House seemed plain obedient before their young lady master. They agreed to what she said without hesitation.

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