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   Chapter 1537 It Was Me (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5726

Updated: 2019-12-10 00:13

Plus, if she didn't want what happened to her a few days ago to be known by others, she could not question this young man whom she suspected in public. In case others knew about this, they would spread around the news even before she could handle it. Details would be changed, altered, and rumors would ruin her fame. People would look at her with a smirk on their faces, laugh at her, call her slut in whispers and even at dinner tables.

So she could not let Austin see her defenseless. To make sure about him, she should be a little bit cruel to him.

In a second, Stacy turned cold to Austin.

"Hum! Don't speak so much! Now, I'm suspecting that you are involved in some important event and I need to question you carefully," she said, her voice full of authority. "Follow me to that side of the woods."

Stacy Ren quickly turned, used bodily movement skill and disappeared in the woods, expecting Austin to follow her.

'Damn!' Austin thought. 'She actually wants me to be with her in that forest!'

Austin was kind of helpless. No use of restraining himself if the beautiful Miss Ren had been asserting herself to him.

The members of the Deep Sea Commercial House and the Blood-thirsty Gang saw and heard Miss Stacy and Austin. Within them, whispers started growing.

"Hump!" one of them said. "For a long time before, I noticed that this guy was really unusual. He even looked like a bad guy!" Some members agreed. "And now, I know I'm right. He seemed to have offended Miss Stacy and now he'll be questioned!"

"Actually Miss Stacy need not question that guy by herself," another one said. "She can totally rely on me. I'm good at questioning any criminal. If I use all kinds of ways of pu

his teeth.

Stacy's eyes widened. "It was really you!"

She stared at Austin with her eyes so beautiful and full of complicated emotions.

A moment ago, she only wanted to make sure that the young man who saved her was the guy in front of her. Hearing Austin admit it by himself, she was unsure of what to do next. The overwhelming feelings had stunned her brain.

Both of them had a moment of silence. From the empty of the forest they were in, the noise from other members outside the forest was faint, but still could be heard. Their hearts were beating slow, deep, waiting for what would happen after.

Stacy squinted her eyes. "You didn't admit it a moment ago," she stated. Her heart questioned, "Are you afraid that I will kill you to stop you from spreading that incident to everyone?"

Hearing her words, Austin was alerted.

'Damn!' His eyes widened, now scared. If she could bite him through his body, make it bleed heavily, and have the teeth marks buried in his shoulder, Austin knew it would be easy for her to end his life. 'I do hope she will not kill me in my sleep! Does she really want to kill me for this?'

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