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   Chapter 1536 It Was Me (Part One)

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By morning, Stacy woke up lying on the ground of a cave alone. Somewhat remembering the night before, she immediately checked her body under the man's robe covering her body. Her eyes started welling with tears as she sighed in relief. Still she was dressed. Although most of her clothes was torn, she still got her underwear. That just meant her body was untouched by any man. Safe, pure, and she was still a virgin. No man dared to touch her.

She felt so touched and grateful as she remembered that young man.

If that young man hadn't stepped out, Sexton might have violated her. That lousy and rough guy had been harassing her since she could remember. And last night, he was more aggressive than before.

Stacy held the robes closer to her body. Thinking about Sexton made her shiver. The thought of him touching her against her will was frightening and disgusting, almost making her want to vomit. If that Sexton had even touched a little skin of hers, she preferred to die!

In the eyes of the beautiful and noble girl such as Stacy Ren herself, keeping her purity was more important than keeping her own life.

So she regarded that young man for saving her life, and more importantly, her purity.

But when she thought about him with a fuzzy memory, Stacy seemed to have a mixed feeling about him in her mind. She was really confused.

They didn't have sex, alright, but the two of them had been so close with proximity she should never allow but did.

To top it all off, their lips had touched each other for a passionate, lingering kiss. And what was worse for Stacy was that she was the one who started the kiss.

The feeling still lingered. The spark, the lightness, the excitement. She had never experienced anything like that. It was

ht be the reason you've been talking to me harshly right now?"

They stood silent for a while.

Austin pretended to know nothing. He didn't want to confess what he had done for he was upset with himself that he had taken advantage of someone this pure.

"Stand closer to me," Stacy ordered.

She used her spiritual sense again.

Austin was stunned, unable to think of anything other than, "damn."

He took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful noble girl in front of him. He closed his eyes for a bit. 'If I get closer, I will be standing too close with her again. She will definitely recognize me that way!'

"Miss Ren, my apologies, but a young man like me and a beautiful lady like you to be closer to each other than how we are standing right now won't look good for others."

Austin, who was restraining himself to feel anything for her, replied with his spiritual sense while shrugging.

Hearing Austin's words, Stacy remembered something. She had forgotten about it a moment ago, but now she might have an answer to her baffled mind!

Now that they were very close to each other, she realized Austin was right. They could not get any closer.

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