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   Chapter 1535 Come Closer

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'Did she recognize me?

That's impossible. She was barely herself due to the philter, '

Austin thought, as he stood frozen in his place and in the presence of the very reason he couldn't move or even breathe: Stacy.

How could he forget that day? It was the first time he got that intimate with someone, especially one whose beauty could get him weak in the knees.

Nonetheless, he wasn't one to exploit her situation, even when she clung to his body like a bee to a precious flower. Even when her lips treated his body like a train route and traveled from one station to another with no headway. Even when her hands touched him like she was home.

Austin was concerned about getting punished, or worse, killed, by Stacy for seeing her with barely any clothes after they got all torn.

She, after all, had the power to do so, after having reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm. More than that, she was among the nearly 40 Emperor Realm warriors who were the pride of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Plus, the fighting men of the Deep Sea Commercial House were too strong for his own good, and their horses were fed fat. Fighting against them would mean asking for trouble – lots of it.

Lost in his own thoughts, Austin didn't realize that Stacy had been observing him, as if she was trying to remember something.

"You look familiar. Come over here,"

Stacy ordered Austin, with her voice trembling and her expression changing to curiosity and confusion.

Everyone, including disciples from both the Flame Holy Land and the Blood-thirsty Gang, traded glances and threw alternating looks between Stacy and Austin.

They surmised something strange was going on, but couldn't pinpoint the exact cause.

This was a big deal for everyone. Stacy was looked upon with high regard since she was from a well-known commercial house. Austin could only pale in comparison.

A lesser male warrior at the Semi-holy Realm versus a female warrior at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

How could she take such interest in him? They wondered if Stacy had mistaken Austin for somebody else.

'Oh shit. It seems that she really recognized me. I must get out of here soon, '

Austin thought to himself. He lowered his head and avoided any eye contact with Stacy.


h stature and competence beyond measure, had professed their adoration for her and had asked for her hand in marriage. Not a single soul succeeded in taking her hand or getting a kiss from her.

24 years a virgin. Stacy had never let anyone touch her and had never laid a finger on a man's body unless it was to fight him on the battlefield.

That was why she couldn't accept what happened to her that day when Sexton of the Dark Night Sect poisoned her.

Under the influence of the Love-philter Powder, this virgin almost became a whore who would welcome penises of all shapes and sizes between her legs.

But even then, in such a carnal, almost primal state, Stacy was able to keep her consciousness intact for a while, thanks to her cultivation base being at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

She vaguely remembered that Sexton was about to assault her.

Then, a brave teenager arrived just in time to prevent that from happening.

Though she was already safe from malicious hands, she wasn't safe from the effects of the philter just yet.

Her sexual desire became so strong that she was so ready to give her virginity to the brave teenager she could barely see clearly, much less had known. She remembered kissing, caressing, and undressing him. She never stopped even when he begged her to stop. He never took advantage of her even when he could have.

Instead, he looked for an antidote and helped her heal.

And when she got better, he left her, alone in the cave, without telling her his name.

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