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   Chapter 1534 Meet Stacy Again

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The black-robed teenager didn't expect that Austin would attack him right after he released his vital energy to control him.

"You!" he uttered, extremely horrified.

However, before he could even say another word, his body had already exploded, and his blood and bones scattered on the ground.

'That's impossible!'

Everyone who witnessed what just happened was petrified.

The disciples of the Blood-thirsty Gang were evidently shaken up by the scene, while those from the Flame Holy Land did not feel very surprised. After all, they had already seen Austin take down Semi-emperor Realm masters effortlessly.

"Damn it. Go to hell!" bellowed Nicholas of the Blood-thirsty Gang, his face distorting in rage.

He was a cultivator at the medium stage of Emperor Realm. With a sinister expression, he released a terrifyingly powerful vital energy to form a dozen-meter-long blade.

All of a sudden, the power released by the blade filled the space as it shot towards Austin.

'Emperor Realm masters like him do possess an overwhelming formidable vital energy, ' Austin remarked.

Yet, he felt that the overbearing vital energy was going to crush him.

He obviously had trouble handling the attack from an Emperor Realm master.

"That was so low. You are bullying a weak. Your opponent is me," Rahul snorted.

He moved his body, and the next minute, he was right in front of Austin. Wasting no time, channeled his vital energy to his palm, covering it with flames.

As he stretched his now rock-hard and blazing hand, it collided with the blade formed by vital energy.


Violent waves of vital energy spread in all directions, creating an enormous force in the air that sent rocks and specks of dust flying.

The people of the Blood-thirsty Gang, who stood close to Rahul, ran away in fright.

Even the disciples of the Flame Holy Land took several steps back.

Once they got hit by the vital energy waves, they would sustain severe injuries or even get killed. That was how strong those forces were that no one would risk their lives to come close to it.

Nicholas took a few steps backward before he steadied himself.

He looked at Rahul with apparent fear, for he realized that the latter was way stronger than him.


t to you annually for free; when we need your service, you must always come to our aid."

Again, Stacy's voice was cold and detached, only proving her superior rank.

"I know, Miss Ren. The elders ordered us to be at your disposal if we are to meet you," Nicholas replied, bowing a little more.

'I see. The Deep Sea Commercial House is involved with the Blood-thirsty Gang. The disciples of the latter have to follow Miss Ren's order, ' Austin thought.

"Oh, who are these people?" Stacy suddenly asked.

It was only now that she noticed the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

"Miss Ren, they are just a bunch of stupid losers. They broke into our place and killed our companions. I was planning to wipe them out," Nicholas answered honestly.

He swept his spiteful gaze through the disciples of the Flame Holy Land before finally settling on Austin. He was thinking about how to torment the young man to his fullest.

"I see. Well, we'll leave now. I need to know where those assholes from the Dark Night Sect are," Stay said, glancing at the people of the Flame Holy Land.

It seemed like she wasn't interested in any of them.

"Take care, Miss Ren,"

Nicholas said with respect, bowing his head once again to remind her of his curtsy.

As Stacy was about to leave, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Austin.

She froze immediately, and her emotionless eyes lit up as she turned around and stared at him.

Austin's heart skipped a beat as he realized that she was looking at him.

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