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   Chapter 1532 Sixty Thousand Years Ago

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The bead, even though half-buried in the mud, glimmered, bright enough for Austin to notice. It was shiny and exquisite. But it also looked mysterious and gave off a strange feel in the air.

Austin became curious and sensed it with his spiritual sense.


His spiritual sense hovered over the bead and suddenly entered an extraordinary space inside.

This surprised Austin. He looked around and observed using his spiritual sense.

It was a peculiar space filled with translucent mist.

At a far corner, stood a faint figure. It was motionless and seemed to be looking back at him.

The figure remained hazy, but Austin believed that he was about thirty. He wore an ancient dark yellow robe that made him look noble and his hands rested on his back. Austin detected a trace of sadness on his face.


As Austin's spiritual sense settled on the space, the man in the dark yellow robe instantly perceived his spiritual sense.

"Alas, what a miracle! Someone is finally here," exclaimed the man in the bead.

He seemed to have come alive after he detected Austin's spiritual sense.

Austin heard him and was surprised himself.

He could see that the man inside the bead was a soul, and it was about to disappear.

The figure was hardly visible and was almost transparent. Austin was afraid that he would lose his connection with the figure anytime.

"Looks like this guy is running out of his spiritual soul energy,"

uttered the Flame Emperor in Austin's Soul Sea.

The Flame Emperor was by now also a soul. His spiritual soul energy had been depleted, but he had not reached that crucial point where he would disappear.

The spiritual soul of this man was hanging by a thread and could dissipate anytime inside the milky bead.

"I am a disciple of a small sect, and I came to the Wild Herb Valley to collect herbs and have a trial. Sir, who are you, please?" Austin asked.

He figured that the man had been here for a long time. In terms of age, this man should be an elder.

"The Wild Herb Valley?

Collecting herbs and having a trial?

What's going on here?

This is the territory of our Cyan Pill Valley. How did you get in here and gather

Well, no wonder. It is a very special place. The Secret Valley is an essential place for the Cyan Pill Valley.

We have placed a magical hedge of protection around it.

The place was designed to be hidden from outsiders. That is why people from other sects have long been searching for it, but could not find it.

Ha-Ha! I remember, it was a sacred place for the Cyan Pill Valley. Inside the Secret Valley grows the rarest and most powerful herbs. If you go inside, you will see everything you need to be more powerful. The choices are endless.

I will show you the way to the Secret Valley so you could collect your herbs. But you have to promise me...

You will take my bones to Jessy's practice cave.

Do you agree?" asked the man.


Austin thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

He heard every word. The Secret Valley was an important place for the Cyan Pill Valley. If he could get his hand on the rare and precious herbs that grew inside the valley, it would help him become more powerful.

"Let's not waste any more time. Put away my bones and this Soul-nourishing Bead. I will show you the way to the Secret Valley,"

the man said.


Austin waved his hand and grabbed the bones from the mud. He wiped away the mud and placed it safely into his Space Ring.

He then took the milky-white bead and followed the man's instructions. He drew it into his Soul Sea using his mind and went on to his new journey.

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