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   Chapter 1531 The Mysterious Dragon Fist (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6090

Updated: 2019-12-09 01:30

Austin again released his spiritual sense to read the cultivation method of the Mysterious Dragon Fist written in the jade slip in full details. After reading it four or five times, Austin could completely keep it in mind. He had fully memorized it.

In the next moment, he began to cultivate the Mysterious Dragon Fist.

The Mysterious Dragon Fist was a kind of vital energy martial arts skill. The important thing to keep in mind when using it was that the warrior cultivating it should refine his vital energy and transform it into strips of dragon-shaped vital energy. Whenever he wanted to display the skill, he simply needed to throw a punch and then the strips of the dragon-shaped vital energy would pounce towards his enemies. Such kind of change might sound easy, but it was not. One should never underestimate its power.

In terms of cultivating the Mysterious Dragon Fist, there were a few important things to remember. First of all, the warrior needed to successfully condense the dragon-shaped vital energy because this would be the foundation of the skill. Once the skill was to be used in real fighting, more dragon-shaped vital energy was required to make the skill more forceful. If the warrior created more of this energy, then the skill would become more powerful.

"Well, I'll start the refinement of the dragon-shaped vital energy first. After all, it is the foundation of the Mysterious Dragon Fist!"

Austin murmured with expectation in his eyes. He was determined to make the most out of his free time in the City model.

He stood on the ground, closed his eyes, dropped his arms and concentrated on his cultivation completely.

Soon, streams of light gold vital energy force began to gather in his body.

According to the method described in the jade slip, he was controlling the distr

ct more herbs.

Upon the thought, Austin exerted his spiritual sense force to scan the situation around the lake once more.

After a while of scanning the area, he didn't find a figure lingering around.

"Oh, whatever! Whether they are here or not, I need to go out now!" Austin exclaimed in a slightly annoyed tone.

With that thought in mind, he prepared to teleport himself out of the City model.

A few moments later, he showed up in the lake and put away the City model in his Space Ring.

Just when he was about to get out of the lake, something caught his attention.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of some dazzling white light.

Somehow, he felt it strange, so without wasting any second, he immediately turned around and steered his attention to check the dazzling light.

It turned out that a skeleton of a human sat there at a certain sludge area at the bottom of the lake. It was half-buried in the mud. Austin could only see the other portion of it that was exposed in the lake.

At the same time, a milky white bead embedded in the skeleton and it was shimmering.

The dazzling white light that Austin caught a glimpse of was emitted by this milky white bead.

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