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   Chapter 1530 The Mysterious Dragon Fist (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6150

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At the bottom of the lake where Austin was hiding, he cleverly teleported himself into the City model so that nobody could find him. The City model, a magical space weapon, instantly turned into a grain of sand. Its new form perfectly blended with its surrounding environment. It was safe to say that Austin was now hiding in a very safe place.

In a street inside the City model, Austin was sitting quietly.

He soon released his spiritual sense to detect the situation around the lake. Moments later, he found out what the disciples of the Primordial Sect were doing at that moment.

'It seems that, in order to capture me, these disciples of the Primordial Sect were planning to search the area thoroughly.

There are more than a dozen Emperor Realm masters who are searching for me desperately. If I go out at this time, it is highly possible that I would be surrounded by a lot of them. When that happened, I would be trapped in an endless and deadly trouble. I'd better stay here to avoid that trouble. After these disciples of the Primordial Sect have left the area, I'll go out then, '

Austin thought quietly. He weighed the current situation and the possible scenarios that could happen.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he took out a pile of herbs from his Space Ring. Those herbs were all collected by Austin that day.

After that, Austin took out four Space Rings from his pocket. These unfamiliar Space Rings belonged to the four unfortunate disciples of the Primordial Sect who had been killed by him moments ago.

He had taken out all the things in the four Space Rings and placed each item in front of him.

"Wow, that's quite a lot of stuff," Austin said with great satisfaction. He beamingly looked at the collected treasures.

The four Space Rings contained a great amount of herbs. Some of these herbs we

as he found the situation a little helpless.

He had to continue to hide in the City model for a little longer and wait until the right time to leave came.

With nothing else to do, he thought for a while and took one jade slip out of his Space Ring.

Then, he murmured to himself, "Since I am free now, I will make good use of the time and begin to cultivate the Mysterious Dragon Fist, a vital energy martial arts skill."

Back then, he had chosen three martial arts skills at the library of the Flame Holy Land.

Those three skills were the Glorious Swordsmanship, the Mysterious Dragon Fist, and the Grand Body Refining Skill.

Although the current overall strength of the Flame Holy Land was relatively weaker than before, it still used to be one of the four powerful Holy Lands of the East Mainland more than a thousand years ago.

It had been equipped with various amazing skills and weapons.

The martial arts skills described in the books of its library were the ones that had been passed down for a long time. They were packed with some kinds of pretty strong power. At least, they were far superior to those practiced by the disciples from the fourth-class, third-class, or even second-class sects.

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