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   Chapter 1529 Go Deep Into The Lake

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11078

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"You are insane!

How dare you kill great warriors from our Primordial Sect? You little shit! You know what? You're a dead man,"

said the remaining Semi-emperor Realm warrior. His lips were snarled as he scanned over the bodies of his three companions. Their angry eyes met and Austin, for a moment, caught a glimpse of awe mixed in with his rage. He didn't blame him. Austin had killed his friends before he could even lift a finger to defend them.

"Fuck you! You don't scare me. You had your chance to defeat me. Now you can meet your friends in hell,"

Austin shouted back. Without wasting another moment, he ran forward and lifted his fist. The warrior bared his teeth and prepared himself for the impact. Austin wondered why he wasn't trying to find a power to use against him. This thought had barely entered his head when the physical strength from his fist ripped the space between them and the air was sucked out, leaving a vacuum zone in front of him.

Knowing that he possessed the physical strength of twenty million pounds, Austin wondered what would happen if he used it against a Semi-emperor Realm master. It was proven that it could grind down any Holy Realm warrior, so he expected a Semi-emperor Realm warrior wouldn't stand a chance.

Feeling white hot, Austin really wanted to find the answer to his question during this battle.

"Go to hell!"

The warrior was so full of rage that he didn't seem to hear Austin at all. From where he was standing, Austin could see vital energy pulsating from his body and into the air around him. It was violent and reaching out towards the sky like gigantic hands. It twisted together, forming into a huge battleaxe, and before Austin could react, it swung at his torso.

Austin had underestimated the warrior's fighting skills since his friends had been so easy to kill.


Austin's fist and the giant battleaxe collided with each other in midair. The warrior's eyes widened and Austin felt a smile grow on his face.

A second later, they were both thrown backwards. The energy emitted from the collision was so powerful that it had destroyed everything in its wake. The lake next to them had heated so high that bubbles were rising and bursting on the surface and geysers were shooting into the sky.

The warrior scrambled to his feet and run backwards several meters before he came to a stop. Fear crossed his face as his jaw fell open.

The ground where they had been standing was smoking and Austin was still sitting on his backside several yards away.

"How was that even possible? You can't be so strong. You are only a kid," the warrior grumbled.

Inferior warriors had never been a problem for him in the past. He had killed hundreds of them without hardly lifting a finger.

"Shit. It looks like twenty million pounds of physical strength won't work against a Semi-holy Realm Warrior. I need to think of something else,"

Austin muttered to himself, disappointed.

Unfortunately, it appeared that he would need to master the second level of the Grand Body Refining Skill before he could use physical strength to defeat his enemy at the Semi-emperor Realm.

Even worse, this enemy was only a Semi-emperor Realm warrior. In order to win against the Emperor Realm warrior, he would need a thorough understandi

ced to almost nothing. Who did this? Who murdered my brothers and how did the murderer escape without being punished? This is unforgivable! It's a brutal crime,"

the man in white clothes shouted. His voice echoed between the heaven and earth so that the air vibrated. His eyes were wide and darted around, ready to jump and kill the first person that looked guilty.

"Augustus, please calm down," another disciple said hurriedly, stepping forward from the others.

The man cursed and turned to the disciple that had spoken. The other disciples stepped backward and began trembling with fear.

The man wearing white clothes was normally kind towards the other disciples but when he got angry, he would spare no one.

"Augustus, I just received a message from the Contact Jade Slip. It says that it was this bastard who killed our fellow brothers,"

a short disciple said, handing him the Contact Jade Slip. Slowly, the clear image of a human materialized on it. It was Austin.

"Find him. There's no way he has escaped from the crime scene. He must be hiding somewhere. Find this god damn bastard.

I want to punish him. After this, not even killing him a thousand times will feel like justice. After his arrest, I will hack him to pieces and feed his bones and flesh to the beasts,"

the man snapped. He stared hard at Austin's image on the Contact Jade Slip, crinkling it in his hand from sheer anger.

"Consider it done,"

all the other disciples replied at once. None of them dared to defy his order after they saw how upset he was. There was no doubt that Augustus would punish them like the murderer if they didn't find him.

Using their bodily movement skills, they scattered, searching the surrounding area thoroughly.

This area was occupied by the Primordial Sect. In that Sect, there were three hundred disciples that went into the Wild Herb Valley for herb gathering mission. Among them, there were seventeen Emperor Realm warriors, which was impressive, even for a first-class sect.

Before long, Austin's image had been handed out on the Contact Jade Slips of all the disciples, and each one of these disciples began hunting him down with anger deep in their bones.

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