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   Chapter 1528 Austin's Physical Strength

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Four men, dressed in identical clothes landed in front of Austin.

"Brat, Primordial Sect is one of the most prominent second-class sects in the East Mainland,"

the Flame Emperor said to Austin.

'It turns out they are from a second-class sect, ' Austin thought.

"You're just at the Semi-holy Realm, how dare you break into this area? We only allow disciples of our sect to pick up herbs here. Are you out of your mind, you fool?" one of the four men scolded Austin.

He looked at Austin from head to foot, inspecting him from a distance. There was a grim, malicious look in his eyes.

"Now turn in everything you have collected, clear your own cultivation base and get the hell out of here,"

another man said in an indignant voice.

Their words angered Austin. The Wild Herb Valley was open for all to pick herbs, and he did not understand where their arrogance was coming from.

As for the four disciples of the Primordial Sect, one of them had already reached the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm. One was at the premium stage of Holy Realm and two were at the medium stage of Holy Realm.

With Austin's current strength, they were not a threat to him. There was no reason to fear their presence.

Austin had just mastered the first level of Grand Body Refining Skill, and now his physical strength had reached twenty million pounds.

He had never used the power of the Grand Body Refining Skill. Now was his chance to test the amount of strength he had. The four disciples of the Primordial Sect would likely be a part of his experiment.

'They said they occupied this area, so their companions must be somewhere nearby.

If I get into a fight with them, the noise will attract the other disciples of the Primordial Sect. If their companions from the Emperor Realm make it here, and see me fighting with them, I will be in big trouble.

Looks like I need to take out them quickly, ' Austin deliberated on his actions.

He could not afford to be careless.

Even if he was ready to wipe them out, it did not show on Austin's face. He walked closer to the four men and shrugged his shoulder.

"As far as I know, this area does not belong to your sect. Anyone is allowed to gather herbs

man who had reached the premium stage of Holy Realm.

Austin threw a punch at his prey, which pushed the air away in front of him.

"That's impossible!" the remaining two disciples of the Primordial Sect shouted after they had recovered from their shock.

The amazing physical strength Austin displayed was unbelievable to them. They thought Austin was not human but a fierce beast.

"How dare you lay a hand on the people of our sect? I'm going to kill you. Earth-shaking Fist!" the man who was at the premium stage of Holy Realm shouted.

He was enraged with what Austin did to his companions.

An overwhelming vital energy force came out from his body as he channeled his violent vital energy into his right fist.

It turned out he was an expert in fist skills. The fist skill he displayed was based on his vital energy. He stretched out his right fist to attack Austin as he rushed towards him. The fist radiance illuminated the space

With a loud sound, two strong fists collided with each other.

Austin used his mere physical strength, while the Holy Realm cultivator of premium stage relied on his tremendous vital energy.

The moment their fists collided with each other, the disciple of the Primordial Sect was thrown into the air and landed on the ground with a bang! He tried to get up, but failed. He was in too much pain as he coughed out blood on the ground.

Austin was a little disappointed. The impact only hurt his enemy and failed to kill him.

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