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   Chapter 1527 The First Stage Of Grand Body Refining Skill

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The next task for Austin was to cultivate the Grand Body Refining Skill. This cultivation method was to make many difficult gestures like yoga, which was the only way to guide the powerful herbal juice to run through his body.

The rush of blood and energy could be felt in his heart as he absorbed the elixir.

Body refining was actually a process of reconstituting the flesh and bones.

This process gradually refined Austin's muscles, bones, cells and tissues.

The whole process of tearing and regenerating was excruciating, but it was an essential procedure of body redefining.

"Come on! Hang on for one more minute. Another minute.

Refine! Refine! Refine!"

The entire process of refining was torture, but nevertheless attractive.


The whole cave was filled with Austin's bellows of pain.

The pain of reconstruction was never new to him as he had done this numerous times before. The agony was now tolerable.

Austin's body was constantly strengthened as the elixir was slowly refined into his energy and life vitality.

The night flew by, and Austin successfully absorbed the elixir.

His body went through drastic changes.

The surface of his skin was pure and glowing due to the effect created by the vapor of blood and energy.

"Ha-ha! I have finally achieved the first stage of Grand Body Refining Skill. I feel that I'm five times stronger now,"

Austin exclaimed, quite excited and overjoyed. He made a slight movement to feel his new acquired strength. Then he displayed a satisfied grin as he heard the crackling sounds after his every move.

He tossed his clothes and stared at his body, admiring the perfect tones. His muscles were full of destructive power.

This made his ego grow bigger, as he achieved to complete the Grand Body Refining Skill after just one night.

He felt like he had just been reborn, coming straight out of a delicate cocoon.

The Grand Body Refining Skill was so powerful

that it could res

ily turned on its pages, trying to find the name of this mysterious herb.

''The earth pith herb!

A grade two superior herb of earth attribute!

What a surprise!"

Austin was overwhelmed by his unexpected harvest.

He carefully dug out the earth pith herb and placed it into his Space Ring.

Then he continued to search for other herbs in the surrounding areas.

Moments later, he luckily found numerous superior herbs that were different kinds and levels.

This place was full of spiritual energy, resulting into the growth of countless valuable herbs.

Austin grew excited and kept collecting herbs.

All of a sudden, something unexpected happened.

Austin was disturbed by the sound of rushing birds and trampled leaves. Several warriors with a murderous will in their eyes were dashing towards him.


Austin halted, looking at the distance.

The warriors charged towards him like meteors falling from the sky.

"How dare you sneak into the domain of the Primordial Sect?

You are just a low class Semi-holy Realm trash!


You have a lot of nerve to try and steal from us.

You're dead meat!"

At this moment, a barbaric voice that was full of fury was heard from afar.

Before anyone could think more about it, several figures landed right in front of Austin.

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