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   Chapter 1526 Get Rid Of Stacy

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After taking the antidote, Stacy got better. Her face which had turned as red as a ripe tomato before was now back to its normal color.

With her eyes closed, she had already dozed off. There was a serene expression on her face, showing how worn out she was. She fluttered her long eyelashes occasionally.

Austin took a deep breath. He was relieved that he had been able to help Stacy get through the dire situation she was in.

"Looks like the cure worked well. She is finally out of danger,"

Austin muttered, feeling relaxed.

There was a bitter smile on Austin's face as he looked at the bite mark Stacy had left on his left shoulder.

The wound was so deep that blood was seeping out from it.

"I wonder if this will leave scars!"

Austin murmured.

Then, he took out clean clothes from his Space Ring and put it on Stacy.

"Things are settled now!

If I failed to control myself, I would get stuck in an awkward situation.

Luckily. I tried my best to suppress my desire, or I would have made a huge mistake,"

Austin said as he patted his chest.

"Brat, I think you're a dumb ass. You could have saved her by sleeping with her,"

the Flame Emperor mocked at him.

"Looks like the lady is safe now.

She will wake up soon.

After she was drugged, she couldn't control herself and tried to have sex with you.

She is an unmarried girl from a prominent family. And reputation means everything to girls like her.

Perhaps she will murder you because she is afraid you might tell others what has happened to her this morning.

So you must keep an eye on her,"

he went on talking.

Austin froze for a second. He knew whatever the Flame Emperor was saying made sense.

'She will surely be ashamed of what has happened after waking up.

Her father runs the Deep Sea Commercial House, and she would not want to bring shame to her respectable family.

If she doesn't get over this, she might kill me.

Damn it! I need to find a safe place for her before I leave.


. He was absorbing the efficacy of the herbs completely.

Austin's eyes sparkled, and he looked pretty re-energized. His body turned firm and supple again. It was clear, the herbs had started their effect.

An hour went by, Austin ate all the superior herbs and superior herbs which were in front of him.

The color of his skin turned red from orange.

His veins seemed to have expanded to let large amounts of blood flow through them.

His skin was so red as if he got scalded. It looked as though he was burnt by boiling tea.

The blood inside his body started to boil like water kept on the stove in a kettle.

Vapors were rising out of his skin. Any other cultivator would have exploded if he had been in Austin's shoes.

Austin was able to bear all those changes because he had practiced the Overlord Body-refining Formula and the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

After he practiced those skills, his body had become much stronger than the body of a common cultivator.

Slowly the vapors disappeared. After that Austin gave off a good smell.

With that, a dazzling light as bright as the sunlight ran through Austin's body.

Austin could clearly hear his blood pulsing around in his body. He could not just feel but also hear the strong life vitality rush with strong force inside him, cleaning and enhancing his body.

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