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   Chapter 1525 The Antidote

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There was no time to waste. Austin had to escape with Stacy as soon as possible before disciples from the Dark Night Sect could discover them. If he didn't, it would only lead to another trouble: being the Dark Night Sect's next target.

Thus, Austin dragged Stacy with his Diabolic Flashing Skill to escape with her. It took them half a day to enter a dense jungle, which, as his spiritual sense had told him, was clear and safe, sans anyone who wanted to hunt them down.

Still carrying Stacy, he scanned the jungle and saw a clearing with soft, dry grass just a few meters away. When he reached the clearing, he laid Stacy down as he thought of possible solutions to help her recover.

At that moment, it seemed easier for Austin to think of a solution than to overcome what Stacy was about to do to him.

Instead of letting her hands just relax on the ground, Stacy clung to Austin, with her hands clasped around his neck. Suddenly, he could feel her breath closer to him, hot as it blew against his neck and ear.

Her breath was fragrant, like fresh flowers in a summer field.

It was so intoxicating that Austin almost lost his mind.

His heart was beating so fast and his head was spinning uncontrollably as he felt this extremely beautiful woman's skin brush against his.

How could he take control of this situation? This was too close for comfort.

Here was a woman, a warrior at the premium stage of Emperor Realm and with profoundly intense vital energy, barely inches away from him.

And there he was, a virgin who was clueless in dealing with a woman who couldn't take her hands off of him because she was under the influence of a philter.

"Stacy, that's enough."

Austin swallowed hard, tried his best to look away from Stacy, and concentrated forcefully on something other than her nakedness.

"You're now safe from that bastard.

If you understand what I'm saying, please let the vital energy flow freely in your body now and let's see if it works."

Stacy, however, didn't seem to understand a single word that Austin said.

She kept clinging her slender body to him which made him feel like he was chained to her.

As if things couldn't get any crazier, Stacy suddenly grabbed Austin's neck and began kissing it pas

ustin had his own unique understanding of pill refinement and identification.

He searched further and further, with hope rising in his chest until he saw a jade bottle containing five to six light blue pills.

"Bingo! I'm sure those are the antidotes,"

he exclaimed.

With another wave of his hand, a pill was taken out of the jade bottle and went straight into his right hand, so fast as if it teleported.

"Stacy, Stacy," Austin tried to waken her up from her hallucinatory state when all she did the entire time was kiss and caress his body.

That was when he realized that Stacy had already stripped him off his robes.

He was on top of her – half-naked!

"Uhh... Stacy, you're embarrassing me,"

Austin said, turning red. With his senses still intact, he slipped the pill in Stacy's mouth and forced her to swallow it.

"I really hope it works,"

Austin whispered with more hope than ever.

In just a few moments, Stacy slowly calmed down.

Her temperature stabilized and her movements slowed down, too.

"Whew, it worked!"

Austin shouted. He couldn't help the excitement.

Finally, he could unfasten himself from Stacy and gently laid her down on the grass.

'I'm so relieved. Problem solved.

No more wild woman trying to undress me, '

Austin said to himself, sighing.

Stacy's irrepressible behavior almost pushed Austin on the brink of a breakdown.

If he hadn't found the antidote, he wouldn't know what would have happened between the two of them.

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