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   Chapter 1524 The Rescue Strategy

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Swoosh! Swoosh!

Austin released a dozen misty sword aura into the air, and it easily repelled the attack.

He then used the Spiritual Pot in his Omnipotent Pot to crash with Sexton's Soul Sea.

To finish the fight, he used the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship to attack Sexton again and again. He was so furious that his attack created a loud crashing sound.


Austin's demonic avatar showed up at the same time creating a ripple effect and attacked Sexton with its swirling evil aura.


Sexton had sustained serious injuries by this time and this weakened his power. His only goal now was to spare his spiritual sense to protect his Soul Sea from the Spiritual Pot. Austin launched one attack after the other. Sexton could barely stand and defend himself. He tried to go against Austin's demonic avatar but failed and was defeated instantly.

Hit simultaneously by the demonic avatar and the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship, his body laid crushed into a pool of blood on the ground.

While at death's door, Sexton stared blankly at Austin. Still, he was unable to believe his fate.

He was already at the premium stage of Emperor Realm. He never expected to die at the hands of a Semi-holy Realm warrior, a nameless pawn amid a sea of powerful cultivators.

He died filled with remorse and unbelief.


Austin stared at the dead figure in front of him. He took a deep breath of relief since he had defeated Sexton.

Among all the opponents he had defeated, Sexton was the most powerful one.

Sexton's cultivation base was the same as Howard, who was the disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land.

Still, Austin defeated him.

With this victory in mind, he was confident he could also defeat Howard on the battle ring later on.

The battle of defeating Sexton was a great boost to Austin's confidence. Now he knew what strategy to use in fighting someone as powerful as Sexton in the future.

As he started to relax and calm his mind, a shiny object caught his attention. It was a Space Ring lying on the ground.

Since Sexton's body was destroyed, the Space Ring fell off and rolled to the ground.

Austin waved his hand and motioned towards the Space Ring. He picked it up using his vital energy f

noticed the blood and bones on the ground. They stared at it for a while.

The cluster of bones and blood that was scattered on the ground seemed to give them a familiar feeling.

Then someone recognized it.

"My gosh!

It is Sexton! He must have been killed.''


Who the hell dared to kill a disciple of the Dark Night Sect?''

"Damn it! Now we're in trouble. How are we going to tell Sexton's death to Elder Caleb? He will definitely take revenge on us!''

"It must be Stacy! That bitch did it!''

"But she was drugged with the Love-philter Powder. How could she kill Sexton?''

The disciples of the Dark Night Sect argued among each other. They had no idea on what to do with Sexton's death.

It turned out that Sexton had a noble identity in the Dark Night Sect. His father was in charge of the law department, and he was also one of the promising disciples honored by the sect.

Sexton was also the esteemed leader of the team of the Dark Night Sect who came here for herb collection.

And he was killed unexpectedly.

Then someone in the group spoke, "On our way here, I noticed someone running to the west in haste."

A disciple from the Dark Night Sect suddenly remembered something and cried out.

"I saw him as well! He must be the murderer. Let's follow him immediately! We need to catch him so we can appease Elder Caleb's wrath."

Together, the disciples flew into the sky and headed towards the west in search of the escaping figure who murdered Sexton.

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