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   Chapter 1521 The Shocking Incidents

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9204

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"Sexton, for the purpose of getting hold of the map to the Secret Valley, you led the disciples of your Dark Night Sect to attack the disciples of our Deep Sea Commercial House abruptly," Stacy snarled. Inside the Wild Herb Valley where they stayed, there was also another small valley that had more precious and rare herbs. Thus, its location map was the most coveted by all the disciples who joined the herb collection. It was also the reason why Sexton took such a huge risk and poisoned Stacy, the young master of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Sexton succeeded in poisoning Stacy with a strong philter. Her face started to become more flushed as she gasped for air, and it made her chest constantly heave up and down. Her eyes gradually became blurred, and she breathed with some strange and seductive moans.

"Ha-ha, Stacy, you are extremely smart!

Your Deep Sea Commercial House sure lives up to your reputation. It's no wonder that you've got informers throughout the East Mainland. I also heard that you've got the location map of the Secret Valley in the Wild Herb Valley. That precious map is the reason why you're in this position now. As the saying goes, 'The precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail, ' is that not right?

In case you are interested to know, I have secretly planted our people in your Deep Sea Commercial House. That's how we found out that you currently have the map. Of course, our Dark Night Sect would never miss such a good opportunity to get that map from you.

Ha-ha! At the same time, I have always been admiring you, for you are such a beauty. Now, I will take this opportunity to approach you and enjoy your beauty more closely.

Well, that's enough of my chit-chatting! Stacy, can you feel the power of the Love-philter Powder in your body? It is now starting to take effect.

All right! From now on, every minute counts. Stacy, there is nothing for you to worry about because we are going to have a good time in this valley. I will be very gentle, ha-ha-ha..."

Sexton said as he laughed wildly. He was quite satisfied as things went well as he had expected.

Stacy's situation had started to get worse. Her pupils gradually lost their focus, and Sexton was very satisfied as he watched her struggling. He felt that she was about to lose her mind, and that her eyes were filled with an infinite desire for lust.

Her flushed cheeks were quite red as if it was burning on fire.

There was a weird expression on her face as she was completely paralyzed by the potency of the Love-philter Powder.

It was a very strange scene.

Stacy was supposed to be an elegant noblewoman always with an air of purity around her and an untouchable fairy that no one ever dared to offend. However

Ha-ha! Since you can't kill me with your sneak attack of the magical treasure, I will just wait and cure my injuries first. Then, I want you to climb to me like a dog and beg me to fuck you hard!"

Sexton snarled, coughed and smirked wildly.

He instantly took out a few medicinal herbs from his Space Ring and put them in his mouth. Then, he began to use his power to heal the wounds in his body.

Stacy's face turned pale after she listened to Sexton's words. She knew that he was right. The Spiritual Sense Enhancing Pill could only suppress the potency of the Love-philter Powder in her body for a while. After that, she would still experience Love-philter Powder's effect.

Her failed attack to kill Sexton left her with deep regret. She didn't expect that at that very critical moment, he could discover her plan of attack and dodge her deadly strike. Her dagger missed its target and only caused him some serious injuries.

Now Stacy became desperate and started to panic. She knew that she would soon face her enemy's wrath.

Desperate tears started to run down her face as her body struggled to suppress the poisonous effect of the Love-philter Powder.

At the same time, Austin witnessed the whole incident while he was hiding in the thick forest of the valley.


so, the man has been badly injured. He is now using his power to cure his injuries.

In that case...

I will not miss this golden opportunity. I should take advantage of the situation and kill that man at once. I need to make a move now!' Austin thought optimistically, and then he instantly made up his mind.

He immediately used his bodily movement skill and showed up in front of Stacy and Sexton.

'Hum? Who is he?'

Stacy and Sexton were startled. They curiously looked at the stranger who suddenly appeared in front of them.

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