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   Chapter 1520 An Unexpected Catastrophe

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After gathering more than 20 mysterious bone vines, Austin continued to trek through the forest towards the depth of the Wild Herb Valley.

He thought he must already be at the center.

Among the three sections of the valley, no superior herbs could be found in the borders although the ordinary spiritual herbs were flourishing so it was useless to stay there.

The first-grade superior herbs could only be found at the center of the valley while the second-grade superior herbs could be found in the inner part.

Sometimes, some third-grade and fourth-grade superior herbs could also be found there.

As expected, Austin successfully gathered some first-grade superior herbs along his way. Some of them even had the nature of earth element.

Half a day later, Austin set foot in a part of the valley where countless green trees grew.

His eyes lit up as he looked around. He also wanted to try his luck here. Maybe he could still find more herbs in this area.

Shoop! Shoop!

His search was disturbed by a rumbling sound that was coming from the sky.

Something seemed to have exploded in the air because of the formidable aura. It only meant one thing: a really great martial art master was outside the valley and was trying to break in.

The martial art master must be at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

Austin was astounded by the possibility of his thoughts. It would be such a bad thing for him if what he thought was true.

He was certain that he could hardly escape from the attack of a warrior at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

To confirm his assumption, Austin released his spiritual sense. Then he saw a beautiful girl standing outside the valley. Her dress was dancing with the wind. However, she seemed to be slightly out of breath and Austin saw some blood spots on her dress.

Obviously, the girl was unaware of Austin's existence in the valley.

This time, Austin took a deep breath and finally felt relaxed. He didn't see the beautiful girl as a threat. If ever she would be able to enter the valley, Austin was confident that she couldn't harm him.

However, he suddenly saw a sharp figure rushing towards the valley. It was several kilometers away but Austin was impressed by its speed.

Austin guessed that the sharp figure must be hunting for that girl.

Hunting and escaping were two of the most common things in the warriors' world.

To avoid getting involved into any possible fights later, Austin decided that it would be better if he hid himself from the two creatures.

Getting out of the valley without being noticed was impossible so he didn't have any other choice but to stay. He calmed himself down, held his breath, and moved quickly to the nearest jungle. There, he could somehow hide behind the big trunks and thick plants.

He tried his best to restrain the turbulent waves of vital energy that were trying to come out of his body. He n

e as time was ticking away.

Her dense hair was hanging down loosely. Her white smooth skin was starting to flush a bit. Her breasts were heaving heavily.

Anyone would think that she was drunk. The worst was, the fire of sexual yearnings was flashing in her big bright eyes and it must be getting stronger and stronger.

The man in purple just laughed in response.

"Ha ha ha! Stacy, don't be naive. Do you still believe that you can get out of this forbidden valley again? Do you think you can still be reunited with your father? Dream on!"

A flash of fury kindled in the man's eyes. "I assure you, none from the Deep Sea Commercial House will see the sunrise tomorrow.

Cut the crap! If you die right now, only the gods from heaven will know that I kill you. But, I am also sure that your people will be annihilated completely. So nobody will tell your father what I have done to you."

Sexton roared with laughter. He seemed not affected by Stacy's threats.

Then he cast a casual glance at Austin's direction.

Austin suddenly felt frightened.

Did Sexton know he was there? Did the man feel his presence? If that was the case, Austin knew that Sexton wouldn't let him go after Stacy died. Would he be able to match this man's strength and power?

Austin smiled bitterly.

An unexpected catastrophe was coming his way soon.

As far as Austin could remember, he entered the Wild Herb Valley only for the purpose of gathering herbs. He didn't expect that he would be facing such a dangerous situation.

Austin almost forgot that the spiritual sense of an Emperor Realm warrior at the premium stage could find anyone or anything hidden.

Now, he regretted his decision of not transferring himself to the City model when he still had the chance to do so.

But regrets wouldn't help in his current situation. What he needed to do right now was think of the best way to overcome the danger he was about to encounter.

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