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   Chapter 1519 Finding Herbs To Cultivate The Grand Body Refining Skill

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Austin was looking for herbs. He kept on moving while he was in the woods.

After a while, he suddenly spotted a dragon root grass. It was a ninth-grade herb of earth attribute and was several hundred years old.

The day quickly passed and the night already fell.

He had also collected many spiritual herbs which didn't have earth property and stored them in his Space Ring.

"This was a good day! I've found more than seventy ninth-grade spiritual herbs of earth attribute, over twenty tenth-grade spiritual herbs of earth attribute and over one hundred spiritual herbs of other properties.

I've had a big harvest. It would be better if I could collect superior herbs," Austin murmured.

He was satisfied with the herbs he had discovered.

Austin found a cave to rest in the evening.

The cave occupied an area of a dozen square meters, the size of a normal bedroom.

Moreover, it was clean and dry.

He sat on his feet. With just a quick wave of his hand, a pile of herbs dropped in front of him.

There were approximately a hundred ninth or tenth grade spiritual herbs of earth attribute

Wild Herb Valley abounded in herbs. The spiritual herbs at the ninth or tenth grade were rare in the market, but they could be seen almost everywhere in the valley.

"Alright! Everything is good to go. It's time to practice the Grand Body Refining Skill,"

Austin said with excitement in his eyes.

Grand Body Refining Skill was a body-refining cultivation method of earth attribute, and it could help cultivators improve physical strength to withstand attacks.

Anything that had earth attribute was protective.

Once one mastered the first stage of this body-refining skill, a thick coating made of earth would appear on the surface of his body. Like a fine armor, the coating curved with some mysterious characters could protect one from getting injured when he was under attack.

When one reached the last stage, his body would give off dark golden light. One would not only acquire amazing defensive power but also gain a great amoun

he didn't bother to confront other people.

Austin had collected more than what he had gotten before. It was over two hundred ninth or tenth grade herbs of earth attribute.

But he found nothing but common herbs.

Then Austin had a big discovery.

That was when he came to a waterfall. Water flowed over a vertical drop with a loud sound.

Half way down the cliff was a big rock. Since most of the rock was behind waterfall, few would suspect that there were herbs on it.

Austin caught a glimpse of rock, and as he unleashed his spiritual sense, he saw some plants on it.

Austin used his legs to leap onto the rock.

He tried his best to avoid getting soaked. So he released his vital energy and made it form a dome to cover him

There were many yellow plants on the rock.

Austin held his breath in thrill as he recognized them.

'Oh my gosh!

These are grade one superior herbs of earth attribute—the mysterious bone vines.

There are about twenty of them.'

Austin was so excited as if he had won a lot of money.

"Damn it! I haven't seen any sign of superior herbs in the whole morning. And now I got so many superior herbs.

Looks like the goddess of luck is on my side today," Austin said cheerfully.

He didn't waste a single second. He quickly picked up all of the mysterious bone vines carefully and put them into his Space Ring.

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