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   Chapter 1518 Escape From The Bog (Part Two)

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The Vital Energy Refining Palace, in which he had practiced his martial arts, was only open to capable warriors at the level of the Bitter Sea Realm. With the help of the vital energy stone, he managed to stay in that palace and refined his skills there. As a result, he was able to increase his strength greatly in such a short period.

Austin stood up and relaxed his limbs. It was slightly stinging from the long sitting. Then he launched out his spiritual sense to scan the situation outside the City model.

He found that the City model was currently inside the belly of a magic rock alligator. He might be in the stomach of the beast.

Austin focused and thought of going out of the City model. After he exited the City Model, a heavy disgusting smell welcomed him the very next moment as he was already in the stomach of the magic rock alligator. He then carefully placed the City model back into his Space Ring.

Austin moved and dashed towards the mouth of the magic rock alligator. The stomach of the beast was a sickening sight to be in. When he was approaching the mouth of the beast, he swung one of his fists at the beast's lower chin.

The hit gave the magic rock alligator a sudden pain and immediately made it open its big mouth.

Austin leaped and jumped out of the beast's mouth like a shadow. He dashed into the air swiftly and suspended himself steadily in the sky.

He fleeted away with lightning speed, paying no attention to what the beast had felt at this moment.

The magic rock alligator was extremely enraged by the human lad's unexpected attack. It glared at his back with a pair of eyes full of fiery fury and roared at him desperately.

It was eager to catch this human and tear him into pieces! However, judging from his speed, the beast understood that there was no way to catch up to him. It would be too hard to do so.

Therefore, the only thing the magic rock alligator was able to do was

ir hands together to measure its diameter.

"That's the ninth-grade black earth essence grass!"

Austin rubbed his eyes and exclaimed with surprise. He could not believe what he was seeing right now. That was the earth-nature elixir he had been longing for the most!

In line with the five basic elements, natural herbs could also be divided into these five categories—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—according to their nature.

Elixirs, superior herbs, and natural sources of the earth nature were very vital and needed in practicing the Grand Body Refining Skill.

Earlier success could be achieved if more of these earth-nature elixirs, superior herbs, and natural sources of good quality were to be obtained. Austin was in a big luck to find these plants.

Without any more delays, Austin dashed towards those black plants as quickly as he could. He plucked every one of them up and placed all of them into his Space Ring.

"These earth-nature herbs are indeed some surprise rewards for my adventure here. That is a good sign! There must be more treasured herbs I can find here."

Austin grinned and his eyes sparkled. There was a glint of expectation mixed with excitement reflecting in his face. The next moment, he paced up to search for more herbs that he desired.

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