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   Chapter 1517 Escape From The Bog (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6255

Updated: 2019-12-08 00:13

The air above the bog was crowded. Hundreds of people were flying back and front in search of Austin. Everyone had been doing their best to look for him. They had combed every corner in this area for a long while but he was nowhere to be found.

Those magic rock alligators in the bog, which were unlucky and were unable to escape in time, had all been slaughtered without mercy. Every inch of the land was dyed crimson by the blood of the magic rock alligator. The whole place was smelly with a heavy sick stench of blood. Everybody could smell it clearly even high up in the sky.

The young man from the Blood Moon Sect suspended himself steadily in the air. Doing that, the whole area covered with the bog was shrouded under his spiritual sense. He had launched tremendous mighty spiritual sense in search of his target. He seemed furious with the broody look on his face as he sensed nothing at all.

There were over thirty Emperor Realm warriors gathered. They thought that it was unbelievable that a mere human was able to escape right squarely under their noses. And it happened all of a sudden without them noticing it.

"That lad must have some kind of magic treasure where he can hide himself into," said the young man in black robes from the Beast Sect.

Then he turned to look at the young man from the Blood Moon Sect. He expected a reply from his companion, and wanted to know if the brat they were searching for could just be hiding in a magic treasure.

"I agree. There's no way he could leave this bog. He must have been hiding somewhere here."

The young man from the Blood Moon Sect nodded as he spoke to his ally.

"But it's weird that I could not sense anything about that bastard. I cannot even sense a trace of his aura.

I don't think our search will work in this way," sighed the young man in black robes in defeat.

He seemed qu

the Golden Sun Scripture, came out from his body and suspended itself on his head. It sparkled with golden light as it absorbed the spiritual energy that was emitted from the divine vital energy crystals around him without stopping.

Austin had been practicing the skill in this way for about a whole day. He had dedicated much patience in doing this.

Suddenly, a huge noise was heard. It came without any sign.

A wind of vital energy force gushed from the inside of Austin's body. It swept along every wall of the divine vital energy crystals around him. The force blasted every piece of the divine vital energy crystals very far away. None of them were useful anymore as every bit of spiritual energy in it had been completely absorbed.

Austin slowly opened his eyes to look at his hands.

He had a strange feeling in his hands as they felt hot as if some energy were burning in them. He moved his fingers and formed them into fists. Now he had improved himself to the level of Semi-holy Realm.

Austin was fully aware of why he had achieved such a high level within just a short period of time. It was primarily because he had practiced in the Vital Energy Refining Palace in the valley of the Flame Holy Land for about ten days.

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