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   Chapter 1516 The Magic Treasure For Escape

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The sight of Austin drawing away the pursuers by making them chase after himself made the disciples of the Flame Holy Land feel both grateful and anxious.

"Austin's fighting skills are rather impressive, especially considering his vital energy realm, which is not very advanced. But he is a noble man. To save us, he volunteered to put himself in danger and draw the enemy force away from us."

"You're right. Austin is a kind man and he has virtues to count for his personality."

It was hard for Zoe to calm down. She could still, very clearly, recall the moment when Austin had jumped up onto the rock to her assistance and killed three Semi-emperor Realm warriors of the Blood Moon Sect with ease. It had been a tremendous sight.

As Austin's figure drew farther and farther away, Zoe's heart jumped higher and higher towards her throat.

"Rahul, what do we do now? Should we catch up with Austin and give him a hand? He has drawn the entire force towards himself and we owe him one,"

a disciple from the Flame Holy Land asked in a concerned tone.

Rahul thought about their options for a moment and then replied in negative, "No. Before he executed his plan, Austin told me that he had a trump card in his pocket and those hunters couldn't hurt him in any way whatsoever. He also emphasized on us not following him.

And he looked calm and composed while he made the plan. No, I think he knew what he was doing.

You should know that Austin is more than the man he appears to be. He isn't as simple and weak as he would have you believe from his appearance.

Don't worry. He'll be fine. I think we should follow his advice and get out of this godforsaken place as soon as possible."

With a wave of his hand, Rahul ordered the other disciples to retreat, and they then trekked through the jungles into the depth of the mountain. They needed to make the best use of the opportunity they had been given.

At that moment, Austin was busy trying to shake off his pursuers. He was employing the Diabolic Flashing Skill and moving almost as fast as lightning. However, his pursuers were equally powerful and wouldn't be left behind that easily.

There were some thirty Emperor Realm disciples from both the Beast Sect and the Blood Moon Sect, hot in his pursuit and utilizing a large number of moves at their disposal. They moved as fast as shooting stars, emitting turbulent waves of vital energy around them and crossing through the sky to follow Austin closely. To be honest, they were drawing nearer to Austin by the minute.

Not only them, there were hundreds of other inferior disciples behind them too. However, on the Divine Continent, even an inferior disciple was comparable to a Prime Martial World master. They shouldn't be thought of lightly.

"You little piece of shit. You can't escape from us. When we catch you, you'll be skinned slowly and we'll pour hot lava on those wounds! You'll regret that your momma even gave birth to you."

A young

neath them back and forth.

"Search this swamp thoroughly and leave no stones unturned. The smell of this little shit disappeared right here. I'm sure that he is hiding somewhere beneath us. FIND HIM! Spread out and search the surrounding fields. Get me that bastard,"

the young man from the Blood Moon Sect roared with fury. They were Emperor Realm warriors, who had been chasing after a very inferior Semi-holy Realm warrior for such a long time and had been unsuccessful. Now, Austin's smell had disappeared without a trace and he was lost to them. The young man found it shameful to be shaken off by this little and pathetic bastard.

A few moments later, the four hundred disciples of the Blood Moon Sect and the Beast Sect also arrived.

Immediately after that, hundreds of them spread out and released their spiritual sense to search for Austin as thoroughly and carefully as possible.

During the process, numerous conflicts broke out from time to time between the human warriors and the magic rock alligators, leading to a few casualties on both sides at every turn. But those humans didn't want to give up.

However, much before they had arrived, Austin's City model had already turned into a grain of sand and attached itself to the small intestine of a rather quiet and secluded alligator.

And inside it, Austin was casually walking down a narrow street.

"Haha. Kid, your City model really is an excellent magic treasure. It comes in handy everywhere.

And I don't think that even an Emperor Realm warrior can sense its existence no matter how strong he may be.

It's a good way to hide your trace,"

the Flame Emperor was amused.

"You're right. This has always been my most important and effective magic treasure, especially when it comes to escape," Austin agreed.

He was really satisfied with this City model.

He would have been killed a long long time ago if it hadn't been for the City Model which allowed him to escape and hide at will.

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