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   Chapter 1515 Distract The Pursuers

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'I'll put down all those disciples of the Blood Moon Sect whose cultivation bases are at the Semi-emperor Realm or below, ' Austin resolved.

A ferocious look flashed across his eyes as he stared at his opponents.


In an instant, Austin's demonic avatar which was about five meters tall showed up among the evil aura.

Austin charged at his enemies who hadn't reached the Semi-emperor Realm or below by using the Spiritual Pot, his Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship, and his level 6 sword domain. His demonic avatar also helped him as he went to destroy his enemies.

These were Austin's trump cards. With these working altogether, he went on a rampage.

No one could survive his attacks.

Austin and his demonic avatar slaughtered the disciples of the Blood Moon Sect one by one.

Moments later, numerous cultivators had died at the hands of Austin and his demonic avatar.

"Fire off the signal flare! Fire off the signal flare and turn to the disciples of the Beast Sect for help.

Before entering the valley, our sect had formed alliance with the Beast Sect. Now that we're in trouble, they'll come to help us," the young man of the Blood Moon Sect howled.

He shouted to his comrades in panic.

One of the Blood Moon Sect disciples of the Emperor Realm waved his hand. Instantly, a beam of light flew into the sky and exploded like fireworks.

He sent a signal for help.

At the other end, a brawny young man in black who was miles away looked up at the signal flare.

"The people of the Blood Moon Sect is giving off a signal for help. Let's go check what's going on with them," he said with a wave of his hand, gesturing for the others to come with him.

He leaped into the air and flew towards the area where the signal flare had appeared. Behind him, over three hundred people followed closely.

In an instant, the brawny man in black and his companions neared the area where the disciples of the Flame Holy Land and the Blood Moon Sect fought in an intense battle.

Rahul spotted the people of the Beast Sect with the use of his spiritual sense. He then furrowed his eyebrows.

"Let's get out of here," he said to his companions as he analyzed the situation.

'There are over three hundred disciples of the Beast Sect. Twenty of them are at the Emperor Realm.

If they come here to help the disciples of the Blood Moon Sect, we will have to handle over thirty Emperor Realm masters. If that happens, we'll be in a lot of trouble, ' Rahul pondered.

Aside from him, the other members of the Flame Holy Land also noticed the approaching disciples of the Beast Sect.

Upon hearing Rahul's words, the rest started retreating towards the depth of the mountains.

Fourteen disciples of the Flame Holy Land who were at the Emperor Realm were at the back of the te

the Flame Holy Land made such a decision. He thought that the disciples from the other sects in the East Mainland who had entered the valley had been required to do the same thing.

But Austin meant to be selfish and keep the herbs all to himself this time. He desperately wanted to practice the Grand Body Refining Skill.

'If I miss this chance, I might have to wait for a long time.'

After contemplating for a while, Austin finally made the decision.

"Rahul, I'll distract them. You and others go and leave first,"

Austin said to Rahul through his spiritual sense as he slowed down.

"What? It's too risky. You'd better stay with us. You'll get yourself in big trouble."

Rahul was taken aback by Austin's bold proposal. He was actually doing his job well in terms of taking charge of his team. He had been leading them for a while now. The others followed closely, trusting him.

"Don't worry, Rahul. I have some trump cards. I will not get myself killed,"

Austin answered with a reassuring smile at Rahul.

He then flew towards another direction.

"Hey, you assholes, I'm right here. Catch me if you can.

I'm going to kill all of you," Austin said in a bossy tone before laughing loudly.

He taunted his pursuers to come after him.

"That brat is trying to distract us. Are we going to chase after him or other members of his sect?"

the man in black from the Beast Sect asked.

"Follow that brat. Fuck! I'm going to rip him to pieces.

We can go after the other disciples of the Shiny Sect after we take care of that brat," replied the young man with beard from the Blood Moon Sect.

He headed towards the direction where Austin went.

"You got it," the man in black said.

He then signaled to his companions to follow Austin. They all went for him, not bothering to care for the other disciples with Austin for the time being.

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