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   Chapter 1514 Well Done Austin

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"Fucking bitch! It is really beyond my expectation to see you get into a fight like this.

Let's see whether you can still be so fierce when you are on my bed.

I swear that when I get my hands on you, I'm going to fuck your brains out! You little bitch!"

Those nasty words caught Austin's attention.

At that time, he saw three disciples of the Blood Moon Sect who had jumped on the huge rock where Zoe stood. After fighting with her for a few rounds, they surprisingly were interested in her as they were turned on by her appearance. So they besieged her and began to insult her with filthy language.

Zoe's weapon was a long sword. When she used it to display her swordsmanship, the wind blew her dress, lifting it as if she was dancing. Having mastered the level five sword domain, she was able to interweave the sword aura into a sword net, which was very powerful.

On the other hand, the power possessed by the three disciples of the Blood Moon Sect was also formidable. One of them was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm and the other two were at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. All of them were ferocious in appearance and fierce in fighting.

Gradually, Zoe was losing her grip in the fight. She was in great peril as she kept defending herself against three opponents.

Austin noticed her critical situation. After hearing such vulgar words, without thinking twice, he made a move. He immediately jumped on the huge rock.

"Get out of here, Austin! You're no match for them!"

Zoe said anxiously when she saw Austin coming to help her. She felt grateful for his act but she knew it was in vain.

She knew Austin well. The number of disciples of the Flame Holy Land who came to the Wild Herb Valley was merely around 50. So, they all knew each other well.


Just when she had finished her words, she saw a flash of sword-light which shot towards one of the semi-emperors.

The man was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm while Austin was only at the medium stage of Semi-holy Realm. As a result, he did not take Austin's attack seriously but was trifled with it.

He was complacent and totally unaware of the coming danger, until the sword-light drew close to his face.

Bang! When it was close to him, he sensed how great the power of the sword-light was. But it was too late. The sword-light struck him and shattered his body to pieces.

"What the fuck!" Upon seeing that, the other two semi-emperors were stunned.

They couldn't believe their eyes. They had witnessed the

his?' Everyone's mind was whirling with that thought.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosive sounds followed whenever Austin's figure flashed among the disciples at a tremendous speed, leaving their dead bodies behind.

In a split second, another dozen disciples of the Blood Moon Sect were killed by Austin.

"Damn it!

Kill him or all of us will be killed by him!" shouted the leader of the disciples of the Blood Moon Sect.

At this point of time, more than 80 disciples of the Blood Moon Sect had been killed by Austin, and it made him the target of the rival sect.

Judging Austin's terrific killing speed, the leader knew it wouldn't take him long to kill all those disciples whose strength was below the Semi-emperor Realm.

"Son of a bitch! How dare you kill the disciples of our Blood Moon Sect? Go to hell!" a disciple of the Blood Moon Sect shouted in fury.

Being at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm, he now stood closest to Austin. He was so furious that his eyes were bloodshot when he stared at Austin. Then making a quick movement, he charged at Austin.

"Ha-ha! Don't forget I am your opponent!" said a disciple of the Flame Holy Land who was at the same level as the disciple of the Blood Moon Sect.

Saying that, he suddenly showed up before Austin to protect him. Instantly he engaged himself into a fierce fight with the disciple of the Blood Moon Sect.

But before getting into the combat, he took the opportunity to pay a compliment to Austin.

"Well done, Austin!" he said with admiration and awe clear in his voice and expression.

Hearing those words of praise and seeing someone standing up to protect and fight for him made Austin smile.

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